Your favourite roleplay genres?

Discussion in 'Role-Play Discussion' started by SteerYourFate, Apr 8, 2015.

  1. Dabony

    Dabony Newcomer Game Owner

    I like Sci-Fi, but only when it's mixed with some Fantasy. Either Tech vs Whacky Aliens or Tech meets generic Fantasy are my main things.
  2. Major Tom

    Major Tom Newcomer

  3. Alfa279escaped

    Alfa279escaped Fresh Blood

    I'm more modern science fiction but I can fit my OC into an RPG despite my young age I've done 18+ and pg RPGs
  4. EssGee

    EssGee Newcomer Game Owner

    I RP Pokemon almost exclusively, but genres within that I enjoy are a certain blend of fantasy adventure and slice-of-life.
  5. Amber

    Amber Newcomer

    I love to role play, but my favs are animals, and fantasy!
  6. meows

    meows Newcomer Game Owner

    right now my favorite genres are cyberpunk, space and supernatural though i've been leaning mostly towards space

    MIKEL E BROWN Newcomer

    I enjoy the fantasy variety. I love being able to immerse myself into another world. I used to post on a site called Forlorn Hope but I am unable to find it anymore. Its a shame. It is what brought me out of my shyness
  8. Sothis

    Sothis Newcomer Game Owner

    I am a fan of JRPGs so anything with that kind of theme is quick to take my interest, although medieval fantasy is a close second.
  9. I love modern fantasy / urban fantasy, but I also really love medieval fantasy and post apoc, and finding sites for those is really difficult.
  10. Grimone

    Grimone Newcomer Game Owner

    Always been a lover of hard sci fi and high fantasy.
  11. Salya

    Salya Newcomer Game Owner

    hmm I like doing those:
    • Fantasy/Mytical
    • Fandom
    • Supernatural
    and anything that isn't too most realism... but I like making Witches from my custom race. XD
  12. SpinMaster

    SpinMaster Newcomer

    Definitely something fantasy, with action, fighting & battles, use of magic & special powers, finding treasure & wealth, having bases & hubs, finding beautiful places & utopian cities & towns, and simply indulge in my fantasies, sexual or not.
  13. Smanders90

    Smanders90 Fresh Blood

    Mostly Animals and Some Historical Fiction and some Fandoms.
  14. achromatic

    achromatic Newcomer Game Owner

    I'm definitely a supernatural RPG kind of person, there's just so many potential ideas and things from the plot bank that I can pull out, and you can sort of take inspiration from literally any type of media out there, be it TV shows, songs, books, character tropes, etc.
  15. Cheshire

    Cheshire Newcomer Game Owner

    Animal and abilities, sometimes fantasy, is usually what I do
  16. GabeReyes

    GabeReyes Newcomer Game Owner

    definitely Sci-Fi - I've mainly played Star Trek and Star Gate RPG's
  17. Fell

    Fell Newcomer

    Any form of Fantasy is good enough for me! But genre twist are fun too so honestly I'm pretty flexible with various elements.
  18. I'm solely into realistic animal roleplay <3
  19. Sprite

    Sprite Newcomer Game Owner

    I've played dragon age, firefly, and star trek pbem rpgs. I love them all, but the games that have been my favorites are really the ones where all of the players really did their best to create great stories and develop synergy between the characters.
  20. mythandmen

    mythandmen Newcomer

    I love fantasy and supernatural because I feel there's so much openness in those genres. You can get creative, be a little dramatic, and still keep your plots in the realm of what's "realistic" because...magic! Admins seem to be much less particular as well.