Your favourite roleplay genres?

Discussion in 'Role-Play Discussion' started by SteerYourFate, Apr 8, 2015.

  1. SteerYourFate

    SteerYourFate Fresh Blood

    I personally roleplay in nearly every genre there is, but my favorites would have to be animal, human, and fantasy. What about you?
  2. Elena

    Elena Resident Game Owner

    Historical fiction.
  3. As long as I can be something human-ish, I'm usually game for just about anything. I used to do animal RP, once upon a time, but I find I just can't do it any more. Maybe this is the first sign of getting old and stuck in my ways.
  4. PegasusFleet

    PegasusFleet Newcomer Game Owner

    Honestly, I've only ever done sci-fi and save for a brief (ill-advised) wander into Mass Effect I've always done Star Trek games.
  5. lion

    lion Newcomer

    I like fantasy, Warriors, and supernatural RPGs mostly. I'm always up for anything, but I find the "normal" fiction types kind of dull sometimes. Depends on what's going on I suppose. Most of my novels are in the fantasy/sci-fi genre so I definitely like messing around with unusual animals/races/whathaveyou. Someday I am going to find a Dragon Age RP that I like. Some day.
  6. Usually anything that interests me. I started out in a book Rp which was pretty good. Right now I am in a Marvel RP. Anything really that can keep my interest. Sadly I've found many sites that die off before anything good can come about.
  7. Etro

    Etro Newcomer

    I actually enjoy Sci-fi, J-Fantasy, W-Fantasy, and sometimes Virtual Reality genres because those are usually what inspire me.
  8. ButSheisFierce

    ButSheisFierce Newcomer Game Owner

    I would love to find historical rp that isn't medieval (not that there's anything wrong with medieval). I mostly do modern supernatural stuff these days though.
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  9. Jenn

    Jenn Newcomer

    Fantasy- I usually go for fandoms so I've played in Harry Potter & Hunger Games RPs.
  10. Rowena Ravenclaw

    Rowena Ravenclaw Resident Game Owner

    For me it tends to be the same old circle now that I've gotten older:
    • Supernatural
    • Fantasy (particularly High and Medieval)
    • Powers
    There used to be a time when I'd do Real Life or Harry Potter (and other fandoms) but I've found I'm just not that interested in them anymore.
  11. JAnderson

    JAnderson Newcomer Game Owner

    My favorites are sci-if and fantasy...and in specifically, Star Trek
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  12. Shiarrael

    Shiarrael Newcomer

    Mostly science fiction, but I also play some fantasy games... Guild Wars and Diablo.
  13. Thats Dj

    Thats Dj Newcomer

  14. Delphi

    Delphi Newcomer Game Owner

    I'm all about fandoms. I love exploring worlds with my own concepts, so I really light fantasy fandoms.
  15. Rilnix

    Rilnix Fresh Blood

    Fantasies! It's all about fantasies. <3
  16. Star Wars (after Return of the Jedi) and original medieval/fantasy (without vampires and werewolves, but more like things with dragons and magic and elves. I'm just not a huge fan of vampires or werewolves). It's been a long time since I've RP'd fantasy, though.
  17. Baphomet

    Baphomet Newcomer

    Urban, low, high fantasy. Horror. A few fandoms, but they have to be done right.
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  18. Anactoria

    Anactoria Newcomer Game Owner

    Historical, historical-ish fantasy, occasionally steampunk if I can find a steampunk forum that's not cancer (the genre seems to attract powerplayers and weeaboos, sadly)... and horrror, but of the subtle spooky variety, not the "WELCOME TO GOREZONE" schlock.
  19. Khaki

    Khaki Newcomer

    Wolves! I'd love to RP horses again someday, though...
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  20. Jerichi

    Jerichi Newcomer

    I really enjoyed a magical realism-esque RP that I was a part of for a short time.