Do I have to provide a link back to RPGfix?

Yes you do. We love you for your reciprocal linking. You do however have several choices when linking to RPGfix.
  • You may link to our root domain (
  • Directly to your site's listing, or
  • Use your voting link
Feel free to peruse our linking buttons. A plain text link is also acceptable.

Sites that do not provide an adequate link back will be removed from the directory.

My site has many fandoms, what do I list it under?

Please choose whatever category you feel fits your site the best, and for fandom please select "Panfandom."

How do I remove my site?

There is no way to permanently remove your site from the directory. We like to keep all listings around so that games of Christmas past have a place of remembrance when their domains and hosting providers expire.

However, you can mark your listing as "Defunct" which will remove it from the main view.

May I submit adult-oriented sites to the directory?

Yes. Sites that feature adult content are allowed to be listed in the directory. They should be properly rated, and/or marked with a disclaimer.

My fandom isn't listed!

If you cannot find your fandom, please make a reply to the Fandom Suggestions thread in order to get it added. We welcome all fandoms, no matter how obscure.

May I submit more than one site to RPGfix?

You may submit as many sites as you desire.

Is my game still considered "Fandom" if it's in a completely alternate universe?

Yes. If your game is based upon, or derives from (however loosely) a fandom, then please select that fandom. Not only does it help people find your game, it gives credit to your fandom's original creators.

For example, a Pokémon site that has an entirely new cast of characters/monsters/move sets/etc., and is set in an alternate universe, should still list "Pokémon" for their fandom.

If your site derives from multiple fandoms please list your fandom as "Panfandom."

Why aren't images or links allowed in the synopses for sites?

RPGfix is a niche directory for showcasing role-playing sites. It is not a simple drive-by advertising board or plugboard.

While many images that people make for their sites look beautiful (you're talented folks!), our emphasis is on text-based advertisements. By accurately describing your site in words instead of pictures, you paint a picture not only for potential players, but also for search engines.

We disallow links in the body of advertisements in order to maintain better metrics for those sites within our directory. We're able to tell how many times an ad has been viewed, and how many times an ad has been clicked.

Where should I put my link back to RPGfix?

Your link should exist somewhere on your site's index page. It does not have to be in a prominent position, and may be in a scrolling div (although we do not recommend doing that). Your link to RPGfix must exist on your site before you make your submission.

Why are link backs to RPGfix not allowed to have rel="nofollow" in them?

Nofollow is an HTML attribute value used to instruct some search engines that a hyperlink should not influence the link target’s ranking in the search engine’s index. It is intended to reduce the effectiveness of certain types of search engine spam, thereby improving the quality of search engine results and preventing spamdexing from occurring.

RPGfix does not use the nofollow attribute on our directory. All of our directory links are pure hyperlinks. This means that people get good "link juice" by listing with us, and as a result, a higher Page Rank. Since all of our links also have to be manually approved, we also ensure that all links submitted are relevant to RPGs.

The basic fundamental behind hyperlinks is to "spread the word," but by sticking in a nofollow tag you are indirectly breaking this bond. When search engines stumble upon a hyperlink with the nofollow attribute, many of them simply ignore the link, rendering that link unfindable on the internet.

As RPGfix is a reciprocal linking directory, we expect other sites that link to us to value our URL just as must as well value theirs.

How long does it take a newly submitted site to be processed?

Your site will generally be processed within two to three business days. Have patience. ;)

Does my site have to be self-hosted in order to be listed?

No. Your site can be hosted on whatever kind of server, using whatever kind of software you like (free or otherwise). RPGfix does not discriminate in regards to site software.

Does my site have to have a Universal RPG Rating?

No, the Universal RPG Rating is completely opt-in. We simply chose to integrate it with our directory because it is such a great idea. We highly recommend adding a rating for your site.

Learn more about the Universal RPG Rating and why it's awesome.

How will I know if my site has been accepted into the directory?

You will receive an automated conversation (PM) when your site submission has been processed.

If you receive a conversation telling you that your site submission has been deleted, please take a moment to review our rules before attempting to submit again.

Do the sites that I submit have to be a forum-based?

Absolutely not. RPGfix will accept any site, regardless of its role-playing medium, just as long as there are role-playing elements. This means that role-play chat sites, PBeMs, PBBGs, MMORPGs, and then some, are more than welcome.
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