RPGfix was born because of a need to sort through and categorize the multitudes of RPG sites that blink into existence every day — from the massive multi-server games to the smaller niche games.

What's Allowed?

RPGfix allows any game that implements role-playing elements to become listed in the directory. Generally if the site contains a role-playing medium of some sort (chat, forum, software client, avatars, etc.), it will be accepted.

This includes, but is not limited to: Play-by-Post forum games, PBeMs, MMORPGs, PBBGs, simulations, and virtual pet sites.

Directory Rules

  1. You must write at least ten forum posts in order to obtain permission to submit your site(s).
  2. Your site must be a role-playing game.
  3. If you decide to list a site in the directory, we kindly request that you place a link back to RPGfix on your site.

Benefits of Using RPGfix

  1. RPGfix is a niche directory that caters toward online and offline role-playing games. While it allows RPGs of all types to be listed, RPGfix’s primary audience appears to be with Play-by-Post/forum-based RPGs. As a result, Play-by-Post games that are listed tend to be received better.
  2. We have our directory on our domain root and are very SEO friendly.
  3. We use plain HTML links (no script redirects, rel="nofollow" or other schemas) to ensure you get the most out of your backlink in regards to page rank.
  4. We do not disallow directory pages with robots.txt or a meta robots directive.
  5. We do not discriminate based on site platform. JCINK, MyBB, they're all welcome!
  6. The ability to give your games tags so that potential players may find them easier.
  7. We do not bury listings 40 pages deep for a single category.
  8. All site owners have the ability to define their game's Universal RPG Rating.
  9. If your site dies or becomes inactive, it will be moved into RPGfix’s cemetery for Defunct sites. Old players then have a place to reminisce about their past favourite games.

Banners and Buttons

If you have a game listed at RPGfix, please take the time to link back using one of our buttons or banners. Even if you don not have a game listed here, spreading our link around will help other roleplayers find the types of games that interest them.

Don't like any of the current buttons? You're free to create your own. Just make sure that you contact us with your button so that we may add it up here.

Aug 8, 2013
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