How often are votes reset?

Votes are reset on the first day of each month.

How is the GoTM winner determined?

On the first day of every month, the previous month's vote score (which is based on a weighted number of total votes) is calculated and a winner is automatically announced.

If two (or more) sites happen to have the same vote score, it'll choose whichever has the most votes. If by some weird happenstance, two sites have the identical amount of votes and vote score, the winner is decided based on how many clicks out that site has gotten.

How are votes weighted and calculated?

Whenever a person votes for a site, their vote is "weighted" based upon how active and involved they are in the RPGfix community.
  • Unregistered guests have the lowest vote weight and are subject to the heaviest anti-spam filters.
  • Registered members of RPGfix have a slightly higher vote weight.
  • If the person voting is an active, participating member on RPGfix (not just 10 posts, but being active in the overall community), then their vote is weighted slightly higher than both.
These weights are then combined into a total vote score.

How often may I vote for a site?

You may vote once every twelve (12) hours.

May I vote for more than one site?

You sure can. Help your friends out by giving their sites a vote every so often.
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