Snail Racing Commands

  • !snail start
    This command will start a race in 15 seconds. You can change the wait time from 5 to 30 seconds by adding a number parameter.
    Eg: !snail start 30
  • !snail enter
    Enter a race that is currently running
  • !snail bet
    This command allows you to dice-gamble items. You must specify the item then amount of the item to execute the command correctly. If you win, you will receive double your input items. If you lose, you will receive nothing.
    Eg: !snail bet Cookie 1
  • !snail open
    Open the item from the snail race if you are a winner.
  • !snail openall
    This command will open all prizes won from winning races and give you the rupee equivalent.
  • !snail items
    This command will display the items in your inventory.
  • !snail price
    This command will display the buy/sell price and description of the item.
    Eg: !snail price Cookie
  • !snail sell
    This command allows you to sell any item excluding rupees.
    Example: !snail sell Cookie 3
  • !snail sellall
    Will remove all items excluding rupees in exchange for their sell price, adding their value in rupees to your inventory.
  • !snail buy
    This command allow you to buy items for rupees. You must specify the item and the amount of that item.
    Eg: !snail buy Cookie 1
  • !snail give
    This command allows you to give an item to another user. You must specify the item, then the amount, then the user's ping.
    Eg. !snail give Cookie 1 @Shriker
  • !snail list
    This command will show all the available items to buy using the buy command.
  • !snail level
    This command will display your current level and how much experience you need to get to the next level.
  • !snail levelboard
    This command will show the top 10 people with the highest levels in the server the command is executed in.
  • !snail leaderboard
    This command will display the top owner of an item for the server it is executed in.
    Eg: !snail leaderboard Cookie
Aug 14, 2017
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