When looking for a forum RPG, is the host important for your choice?

Discussion in 'Role-Play Discussion' started by Featherstone, Jun 26, 2016.

  1. meows

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    personally i don't know much about other hosting sites or the like, so i don't have much of an opinion about it. if i was better at coding i would hose my own site and do it that way, however i only know how to do the premade layouts supplied by code/resource sites like caution and thousand fireflies etc. so i really enjoy jcink, but i'm open to trying new things as long as it isn't proboards or journal style
  2. Personally, I think that jcink is a lot more user friendly as both a member and an admin. I haven't been on a pb site in years, but it's not off the table if I find one that I like.
  3. Mim

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    If you can afford a server, SMF is utterly the best, or VBulletin, but that is expensive even without the server
  4. Archivist

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    For me, I stay clear of graphic heavy sites. To me, the forum should fade to the background as I'm reading a story. It should be clean, simple, and readable. By this I mean- you can easily read the post contents without the visual competition of graphics.

    I have also seen forums that were graphic intensive themselves- because of the features they offer. Overly large avatars, fancy coding to dress up a post like making the background look like parchment or notebook paper. Sure, it looks cool- but these things compete with the story content for attention.

    I was once a member of a Trek heavy RP site. They allowed for large and multiple images in signature lines. They did not have a minimum word count. So, someone could post a single sentence to a story thread but it would be lost amid the flashy, colorful, multiple or large images in their signature. I get being able to show off site awards in the signature but there should be limits.
  5. Yes i think the host is very inportant i use Proboards and they have helped me a lot with my site for the last 17 years or so
  6. TheScreamingSiren

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    I find myself very specifically drawn towards hosts I know and enjoy working with. More specifically JCINK. I'm not a lover of proboards, as I've used it as both a member and an admin/owner of a site. We all have our preferences here, and I've heard a lot of people fight the good fight, so to speak, for the Proboards community, but I honestly have always found that it just isn't a host I enjoy.

    I have checked out a few self hosted sites, but I've yet to find any that I enjoy the layout/functionality of.
  7. Pokemon

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    I hate to admit it but, as often as they keep changing themselves which isnt too bad but when they do, its all hell, i can only RP on proboards due to comfort and ease these days
  8. Miss Bunny

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    For me, I only join Jcink now a days. Solely because I enjoy not having to write within a rated environment. So the freedom that is allowed on premium boards really matters to me. If I want to swear, or punch or b*$g, I like to have that ability lol. Too many years spent having to 'fade to black' on proboards for me to go back.
  9. BomBom

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    I usually use Proboards because that's what I'm most familiar with. When joining an rp, however, if the concept interests me enough and it's on another host I'll still join. As an admin, I use proboards because I know my way around it pretty well.