What is the first roleplay you have ever done.?

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  1. In all honesty - I started on the neopets forums and it feels ridiculously weird to say that at this point.

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    My first roleplay I found through Quizilla, I did a quiz for a HP house sorting. At the end it had a link to a proboards form and from that moment I was introduced to roleplaying.

    It was a completely plotless HP rp site. I think it had the default skin at the time, no member groups. Everyone was a 'First Year' for some reason and none of the canons were played properly at all. But its still one of the best experiences I had roleplaying. It was wild and free range with no rules. Metagaming, godmodding and powerplaying were abundant. My character Katie Bell found an archnemesis in Cedric Diggory and Professor Flitwick who were both played by the same player because that player was using all three of those no's constantly. We didn't have the vocabulary of it like we do now but none of us liked it lol

    We created so many adventures in that castle and on the grounds, it was so much fun. I made some great friends that I lost contact with unfortunately.
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    Mine was Vampire Knight, I roleplayed Jamie Castano at Cross Academy. I don't remember the site name but it moved to Zetaboards and then moved to Proboards later on.
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    If we aren't counting old tavern rps on MSN and AIM chat, it was a homebrew High Fantasy board called Aegis.
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    Honestly loved that @Elena was one of the first members to respond in this thread - I know that was six years ago, but it's really weird, odd, and nice all at the same time to see a familiar name. I think BEFORE THE MAST was one of the longest standing rp forums I remember from my most active years, so it's good to see she's still around :) hi elena! You won't remember me. I was squidface on rpg-d but heck knows what's happened to that account.

    Anyway, I've thought long and hard and ... just can't dredge up what my first rp might have been. It could have been something x-men related, or harry potter, is the most likely. I've been on so many sites and ran so many that some are honestly such a distant memory now.