What is the first roleplay you have ever done.?

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  1. YethorianDravinas

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    Just curious rp see how many people started where I did with roleplay or basically how everyone got started and where. I myself started with D&D my first roleplay I created a dark elf character and he was on an adventure with his group and our Dm had told me that we would be attacked andin this attack my character would become a demon and I went with it. I've changed the character over the years though but that is where and how I really started roleplaying.
  2. Freya Storm

    Freya Storm Newcomer

    My first was on AOL 2.0

    Back in the Amazon Tavern, I wrote.
  3. The Rebel

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    I was always interested in D&D, but didn't know anyone who had a group. So aside from like... rpg video games, the first forum game I joined was a charmed one. Then I kind of branched out to my own original stories and boards and such.
  4. SatoKigen

    SatoKigen Fresh Blood

    The first forum RPG I was part of was a naruto one back when I was 14. ended up second in command of it after a few years, but then sadly the owner lost interest and it kinda died. I still enjoy roleplaying in the Naruto universe.
  5. Eerie

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    MY first introduction to RPG was Harry Potter WB forums, but I didn't even realize that it was RP at that point in time it was just, sort of pretend, and I liked to write and then it became a whole part of my world and I got to discover everything that was out there.
  6. Elena

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    I have written my own stories for a lifetime until discovering RPGs, but in my mother tongue. Well, one of the stories was co-written with my deskmate in Uni, some others were discussed when written with my highschool friends... but mostly, written alone.

    I discovered RPGs in August 2009, by mistake. Until then, I had no ideas something like this exists. (Neither fan-fiction, which I discovered a few weeks before that).

    I had stumbled on an alternative history of the Byzantine Empire, written as character extras, I think now, for a game which had a video dimension too, while I was researching for Byzantine history timelines for my Viking story. (My debut book, which had been transcribed on the computer many years before, and revised then too).

    It took some time to understand that it was an AU timeline, and I asked on an international discussion forum where I had some friends who were into online games in general, sending the link, what this might be. I received the answer, I asked if there are interactive stories by writing only and I got the link to RPG-D to choose my game. The one I chose was called "Of Saints and Sailors" and was about pirates, set in the West Indies in 1727. For a few months I had been the only member not a native English speaker, then a Finnish girl joined too. The administrator and one of the moderators had lots of patience with me to explain me what I didn't understand yet about the differences between RPGs and the normal mindset of a writer.

    A few months later, I was appointed moderator, then, one year later, when the site was closed, I made BEFORE THE MAST in its ashes.

    I loved the idea of writing together with others, and I wanted to challenge myself to see if I can write literarily in English. It is not the same thing as writing technical-economical projects and corresponding with the European Union, what I have been doing at work for many years...

    Why do I like RPs vs writing alone? I like having a group of likeminded people, loving writing, from all countries in the world, to write together, to bounce ideas together, to develop a better story than each one of us alone. Friendships are created in the meantime, we learn new things one from the other... and it is much more interesting than writing alone.
  7. BobbyB

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    Omg it was a nightmare!
    The first RP i ever did was a group RP on the forum of a pet-site with like 5 players but 14 (!) Active characters because everyone could have 3 active characters. The GM was a bad one, though.
    And while I hated that experience, hard headed lil ol me persisted ro find good RPers
  8. Paulpatine

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    Tabletop, but NOT D&D. My start was Battletech/Mechwarrior in the mid 80s, playing as a Yakuza mechjock-turned-mercenary. Think Yojimbo or Fistful of Dollars in a mech.
  9. Gota

    Gota Newcomer Game Owner

    I think it had a super generic name like Epic Journey and was about some people on a ship that were traveling to somewhere? I really don't remember much except that I played a generic knight that could smith.
  10. Vermilion

    Vermilion Newcomer

    The first RP I ever signed up for was a Naruto RP forum made on free forums. It’s been a really long time since then and the site has since died out and disappeared.
  11. daedric prince

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    My very first roleplay was on Neopets. It was a teen camp roleplay and I was like... 9 years old when I wrote it. It was *horrible*
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  12. Twenty years ago, I joined a Star Trek RP. It's no longer around, but it wet my feet into PBEM games and I found that I love the process. I've also done Harry Potter over the years, as well as original other Star Trek games, and Once Upon A Time.
  13. Dantalion

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    My first one was digimon.
  14. odd

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    Oh dear, my first one started on NEOPETS and was a strange medieval one.

    I think I branched onto wolves from there, as that was the fad at the time?
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  15. Swiper

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    My first rp was with a friend in early middle school! We actually passed a notebook back and forth between classes and wrote out all our posts. Then, once we started getting on the computer more, we started roleplaying on Neopets (aka finding people on neopets and roleplaying on AIM / Email / Yahoo Messenger). Then I think there was gaia online, then proboards, and now I'm on Jcink.
  16. Salya

    Salya Newcomer Game Owner

    My first RP was with my bestie back in high school. We did a lot of fandub RPs in the past and I think the first one was...uhm... Beyblade? Maybe. XD Now we rp in Email since we do a lot of 18+ Rps and she don't like forums. XD
  17. Archivist

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    My first RPG experience was back in my 20s with AD&D, my characters were a centaur and a swanmay both were mage / clerics. Over time, I discovered several other forms settling on forum play-by-post. Eventually we all find our own niche.
  18. inkbone

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    Dragonriders of Pern (DRoP) via a Neopets guild about...... 19 years ago? Lordy, I really am dating myself..
  19. Captain Luna

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    oh man.....I want to say a Harry Potter forum.
  20. ModernNations

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    Star Wars RPG by Fantasy Flight Games. I'm a huge SW fan, so the theme got my in and then I jumped to more complex stuff and some play-by-forum games.