What is the first roleplay you have ever done.?

Discussion in 'Role-Play Discussion' started by YethorianDravinas, Jun 5, 2018.

  1. Louis

    Louis Newcomer

    21 years ago, I've been told of an 18 + historical chat-based FFRP called Barbaric Castle on IRC. I've been there on and off until it closed down due to one of its co-founders passing.

    I now aim to revive an adapted version of that compelling but basic RP.
  2. havfine

    havfine Newcomer

    Started with Dragon Riders of Pern on Neopets, and then on to forums
  3. aine

    aine Newcomer Game Owner

    The first RP I ever did was on an invisionfree forum and it was Pokemon. I don't really remember anything about it, unfortunately, but I do believe it was the standard type where you journey and level up. My second RP was actually a harvest moon roleplay on a site called Flowerbud Village.
  4. Squishy24601

    Squishy24601 Resident Game Owner

    The first roleplay I ever participated in was one based in Lisi Harrison's 'The Clique' series when I was eleven, then I moved on to Gossip Girl roleplays. I'm more into fantasy now, though.
  5. flea_rave

    flea_rave Newcomer

    after watching a canine rp site called infidelis for about a year, i joined. i was such shit at the time,,
  6. nyxnstyx

    nyxnstyx Newcomer Game Owner

    My first roleplay was a WWE/wrestling themed one. My brother introduced me to it so I didn't even know roleplay was a thing until then. That was like 8000 years ago and needless to say, my hobby has greatly shifted!
  7. RaeBae

    RaeBae Newcomer Game Owner

    I will never forget my first! It was Warrior Cats fandom on IMVU and I definitely should not have been on IMVU of all places at that age! This was probably back in maybe 2008 or so?
  8. Lani

    Lani Newcomer

    I started with a wolf RPG when I was like 13. Then moved to horses, then finally supernatural creatures.
  9. DFedora

    DFedora Newcomer Game Owner

    The first-ever RP I got into was a post-OT Star Wars RP. This way back, so it was the old proboards setup with a terrible skin and basic features, but it was exciting and fun enough to get me hooked to keep doing it. That one didn't survive for long, but I enjoyed my time there!
  10. Kendra

    Kendra Newcomer

    An Underworld site. And I didn't even really know anything about Underworld, I was 11. (Underworld - the movies with Kate Beckinsale) LOL
  11. RedSky

    RedSky Newcomer Game Owner

    An Animorphs Rp ... I miss it dearly.
  12. Zina

    Zina Newcomer


    Neopets, haha
  13. hitokuchiroleplay

    hitokuchiroleplay Newcomer Game Owner

    Mine was 23 years ago with a Sailor Moon fanfic! And other than passing a pad of paper back and forth I started RPing on Yahoo groups.
  14. Pox924

    Pox924 Newcomer

    ElfQuest! That was aboooooout 23 years ago >_>
  15. Imagecorrupted

    Imagecorrupted Newcomer Game Owner

    Neopets - On the roleplay forums on some kind of wolf RP. haha That was over 24 years ago.
  16. SunnyFlower

    SunnyFlower Fresh Blood

    My first roleplay ended up being a wild dog tribes RP, so think Warrior Cats fandom but make it dog packs haha! I even remember my first character, a newfoundland dog named Sirius.
  17. ladyquack

    ladyquack Newcomer Game Owner

    My first RP was a Lord of the Rings forum on a software I'm pretty sure died in the late 2000s lol
  18. Aphachea

    Aphachea Newcomer Game Owner

    Some Naruto RP on proboards. I was like... twelve? So make it around 2007 or so.
  19. Bowie

    Bowie Newcomer Game Owner

    Forever ago in early 2000s I started on wolf rp before I moved onto other avenues
  20. AlmaMont

    AlmaMont Newcomer Game Owner

    Probably something vampire-related on Neopets.