What is the first roleplay you have ever done.?

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  1. Riddle

    Riddle Newcomer

    My very first role-play was based on wolf packs, on one of the very old-style bulletin boards where users didn't even have to register. XD
  2. It was a medieval roleplay with low fantasy. No real magic besides a few very select areas. Sadly it was never finished. My first finished RP was a Walking Dead RP and it is to this day one of my favorite things I have ever written.
  3. Sothis

    Sothis Newcomer Game Owner

    I believe my first one was a Kingdom Hearts site.
  4. Pretty sure my first roleplay was a "gifted high school" on neopets :p
  5. Grimone

    Grimone Newcomer Game Owner

    First was 3.5 edition d&d, had a blast with a group of five and a DM with a great sense of humor.
  6. Pokemon

    Pokemon Newcomer

    Anyone ever read CoAD? I started on a site based on and for fans of that book, it got bought out once the author saw how big the fan base was but i RPed that at first....very badly i might add
  7. SpinMaster

    SpinMaster Newcomer

    My first RP was in a chatroom - Sailor Moon Role Play at beseen.com. I wonder if anyone remembers...
  8. porkerberry

    porkerberry Newcomer Game Owner

    My first role-play was a walk-in forest rp. Omgggg so many memories!
  9. Elysium Soleil

    Elysium Soleil Newcomer Game Owner

    I can't remember the name of the Guild I was part of, but the division I was part of was "Ebony Rose". On AOL. Probably 20 years ago! Really wish I had kept in touch with some of those people! I remember I used to frequent the Red Dragon Inn. Haha.
  10. Melusine

    Melusine Newcomer Game Owner

    Warcraft 3 - while I can't remember the name of the custom map, it was some fancy map with a lot of custom characters, many of which was from FF and KH.
  11. LasValencia

    LasValencia Newcomer Game Owner

    wolf rpg; on neopets lol
  12. Pastamancer

    Pastamancer Newcomer Game Owner

    Pokemon stuff on Neopets. 2006 was a wild time.
  13. Nia

    Nia Newcomer Game Owner

    Mine was a sonic-based RP. Never even really watched the show but ended up on one because of my friend.
  14. The very first rp I started out with was a wolf RP! I stayed within that genre for quite some time. Nowadays, I almost never do a wolf or warrior cats rp. I prefer human(oids) more.
  15. amenities

    amenities Newcomer

    Several years ago my first RP group was split down the middle between non-wolf RPers and Wolf RPers. There was such a heated relationship between them. I acted like I didn't like the wolves but I did so much :snake:
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  16. First roleplay was a small group at school that wrote collective stories. Eventually, when I did online things, a fansite of Sailor Moon created an rp place.
  17. I joined a Chatzy Sonic RP when I was like, 12. It was awful but I still look back at it sometimes and laugh. Really got into rping on tumblr though.
  18. Cheshire

    Cheshire Newcomer Game Owner

    My first was a wolf RP. It ran into some site host problems and dwindled from there.
  19. StarWarsGC

    StarWarsGC Newcomer

    I used to RP on Habbo Hotel - my first RPG on there was Pokemon I believe. You could pay in-game coins to the RPG's owner and they would grant you permission to RP as legendary pokemon. I went with Lugia. Obviously.
  20. Fell

    Fell Newcomer

    My first rp was a wolf rp that last a few years before it got too many cliches with the members.