What do you do? Job-wise

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  1. Aloy

    Aloy Fresh Blood

    I'm freelance artist
  2. thegrrlgeek

    thegrrlgeek Newcomer

    Transitioning from warehouse inventory manager to a Business Administrator at a new company. After 16 years at one company, I'm scared to death.
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  3. Felix

    Felix Newcomer

    I'm an editor! :)
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  4. I cast hot lead type, with a ludlow, not a linotype, and use it to make forms that are then covered to depth in a special powder. This form is then heated in a press to create hard powder molds. These are then used to press and vulcanize velcro-backed rubber into the mold to create rubber printing dies which are used to print government specs on lumber and plywood.

    Other than our concession to the need for computer communications with vendors and customers, there is next to nothing in our shop that is newer than WWII technology.
  5. aalyoshka

    aalyoshka Newcomer Game Owner

    Currently a student but spent a long time working in a Spanish goods store. Not sure whether I'd ever wanna go back to that, honestly. Hoping to get into computers in future.
  6. Stardust Dragon

    Stardust Dragon Newcomer

    Part-time student. Did temp work for awhile, but the lack of job security was really getting to me.
  7. Gibson

    Gibson Newcomer Game Owner

    I am a PC hardware support analyst for a networking technology R&D group
  8. odd

    odd Newcomer Game Owner

    Graphic designer/ web developer
  9. eshye

    eshye Newcomer

    Jealous! I work part-time in a grocery store's produce department, seasonally as a "tax professional", and I do freelance web design and coding. :gravestone:
  10. inkbone

    inkbone Newcomer

    I work in the IT field, particularly in asset management. Although I had some lovely experience as part of remote support... Not "contracted out/call center" remote support, but "first line of defense" remote support. We fixed most issues via remote connection and what we couldn't, we passed onto the field team, who works out of the same building as us.
  11. Mim

    Mim Resident Game Owner

    I've just recently finished my residency as a Orthopedic Registrar (Veterinary). Now I can hang a new shingle on my wall. It's rather daunting really, all that work and study under the eagle eye of a relatively top surgeon can give you feelings of inadequacy when you realise you've been unleashed on the pet world free of his gaze. I only hope I can live up to my own expectations.
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  12. Captain Luna

    Captain Luna Newcomer Game Owner

    I am a labor and delivery nurse. :D
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  13. ModernNations

    ModernNations Newcomer Game Owner

    Could be realted to my taste in terms of RPG settings... but I work for the Government in a national agency. #burocracy.
  14. ChaosCircle

    ChaosCircle Newcomer

    I'm a web developer, part of why I got roped into running RP sites.
  15. lexibean

    lexibean Newcomer

  16. Muse

    Muse Newcomer Game Owner

    I'm a graphic designer and letterpress printer.
  17. Monroe

    Monroe Newcomer

    I do just about everything when it comes to dogs. Rescue, rehabilitation, training, grooming, breeding. About to attend school so that I can train service doggos. xD
  18. Wolfe

    Wolfe Newcomer

    Graduate student and teaching assistant right now, but looking to get back into emergency management again. There's something pretty thrilling about deploying out to disasters and being able to help out that I miss.
  19. Belle

    Belle Newcomer Game Owner

    I'm an emergency dispatcher.

    For now >.>
  20. Aegis

    Aegis Newcomer

    In school for mechanical engineering, as well as assisting a friend in his excavator business with repairing drainage pipes and trenches.
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