What do you do? Job-wise

Discussion in 'Chatterbox' started by Tartle, Oct 21, 2017.

  1. Tartle

    Tartle Newcomer Game Owner

    It is always interesting to see how diverse an rp community is! I would love to know what everyone does for a living or where they currently work!

    Currently I am a stay at home mom but before then I was a veterinary tech at a local humane society spay and neuter clinic as well as a cashier at a grocery store.
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  2. SithLordOfSnark

    SithLordOfSnark Resident Game Owner

    I'm a computer consultant, but I'm freelance and hold my own hours.
  3. Mim

    Mim Resident Game Owner

    Wow! talk about coincidences ^_^. I'm presently at home with my 1 year old but I am in fact looking to go back to work (part time at least) now. My full time job prior to having Olivia is or was a Vet with Customs; I'm still a vet as technically that can't be taken away from me unless of course I do something stupid and end up having my licence revoked. I will be looking for something closer to home this time around, hopefully with one of the many thoroughbred stables around here.
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  4. Risalyn

    Risalyn Newcomer Game Owner

    I'm a dog groomer that is undergoing some retraining, so I'm back to referring to myself as an apprentice. Turns out if you don't use it you do in fact lose it!
  5. Sadrienne

    Sadrienne Resident Game Owner

    I am a sales assistant at one job, and also a sub-editor for the local paper. Keeps me busy! I've also worked in liquor retail, and supermarkets. Neither of which I recommend, but hey... a living is a living!
  6. Solaris

    Solaris Newcomer Game Owner

    I work in human resources :)
  7. denethorii

    denethorii Newcomer

    Stay at home mom; I homeschool my daughter and make and sell gnome crafts haha.
  8. tina

    tina Guest

    I am unemployed
  9. hypnosis
    Apple Fan

    hypnosis Newcomer Game Owner

    For jobs I have done retail and fast food. Currently a manager of a fast food restaurant. Working 40 plus hours a week.
  10. Raveflames

    Raveflames Newcomer

    I'm a stay at home mom of two kiddos. Lol
  11. Zahara Dessert

    Zahara Dessert Newcomer Game Owner

    I am currently a drama technician in a school. I have worked on cruise ships... worked in care... worked in retail... worked in theatre...
  12. Elllie

    Elllie Newcomer

    Currently, I am a student. However, this is my last year. Once I'm done I'm going to go work up in northern Canada for extra money and then I'm going to try and go into the Video Game industry.
  13. BobbyB

    BobbyB Resident Game Owner

    I'm currently still a full time employee of the foodlines in a supermarket, but I plan to work in my field of study at some point, which would be pharmaceuticals.
  14. Zapy97

    Zapy97 Resident Game Owner

    I am an American Soldier. Specifically I drive a tank.
  15. AsylumJax

    AsylumJax Newcomer

    Student Film director :)
  16. The Rebel

    The Rebel Newcomer Game Owner

    I teach es/english literature to university students in Korea.
  17. Lilythe

    Lilythe Newcomer Game Owner

    Graduate student... but eventual School Psychologist
  18. Eerie

    Eerie Newcomer Game Owner

    I'm an emergency call-taker and police dispatcher, also self-publish novels.
  19. pluto

    pluto Newcomer

    I work with and care for old people. :)
  20. Raveflames

    Raveflames Newcomer

    Stay at home mom o/
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