What are you using Discord?

Discussion in 'Role-Play Discussion' started by Jax, Jan 9, 2018.

  1. Jax

    Jax Newcomer Game Owner

    So, I am a bit old school when it comes to things. I have been roleplaying since the 1990s, so I am a little stuck in my ways sometimes. I have been noticing a new trend in site based chat clients, and that is the rapid switch from Cbox to Discord. Everyone keeps saying that it is better that Cbox, but I was wondering if people could tell me why? Are there features that Discord has that Cbox doesn't?
  2. Shriker

    Shriker Shadowlack Owner RPGfix Admin Patron Game Owner

    There's some discussion about Discord already here, if you'd like to look through it: https://www.rpgfix.com/threads/chat-boxes.2020/

    For me personally, it's the ability to set up automated roles, use integrations (RPGfix can send messages directly to Discord), PC & mobile clients, the ability to have multiple channels to split up topics, and also voice chat.
  3. SithLordOfSnark

    SithLordOfSnark Resident Game Owner

    I like the fact that you can have channels. You can do this with C-Box too, but only if you pay for Pro. Discord is entirely free.
  4. Death Kitten

    Death Kitten Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Game Owner

    The biggest thing for me is that most of my online time is via mobile, and cbox on mobile is unusable for me. Unreliable notifications, frustrating interface in the mobile browser. Where I can catch cbox users with titan embed for discord, while making it so I can chat via my phone almost any time.

    It basically allows me to better monitor and admin my chat from mobile. Everything else is frosting on the cupcake.
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  5. TurnABlindEyeEDDY

    TurnABlindEyeEDDY Newcomer Game Owner

    I enjoy being able to set multiple channels within a server - so we can have a tag-box, open/plots box, general chat etc all in one convenient place. And then of course there are DMs and having an admin chat that is private is useful. Its just a very convenient bundle.
  6. Kersare

    Kersare Newcomer Game Owner

    Well, I can't say that I've used Cbox...I used IRC before Discord though. Discord I like because you can have voice and text channels, you can set up permissions, use bots, have multiple channels, pin important messages, etc. I've been in some groups that used Skype, but it uses a lot of resources.
  7. Crystalfrost

    Crystalfrost Newcomer Game Owner

    For me Discord is useful for a few reasons. The foremost being that it makes it easier to chat on my phone. It also had different channels so you can organize chat into general talk and then plotting or whatever. It's also a fast, convenient way to make announcements as opposed to sending a PM or posting an announcement thread.
  8. BlackDahliaRP

    BlackDahliaRP Newcomer Game Owner

    We actually use Discord on our site to RP as well as chat OOC. It's just popular and helps retain members.
  9. MBremer

    MBremer Newcomer

    Like you, I'm old school, but we use Discord as a way to just chat, IC or OOC

    With a NOVA played sim, it's not as necessary as it would have been back in PBeM days, but it's been good for just chatting in general.

    I do like how Fleet's can use it for group chat, channels for each task force, staff, etc. Very useful there. It's also been good for events like FallFest, SciWorld, and Simming Prize chat.
  10. LilMouse

    LilMouse Fresh Blood

    I am pretty old school myself and I resisted discord for a long time. I hated when Skype became the big thing and people keeping up voice channels for hours (I am not a voice chatter). However, I am also a gamer and play a lot of MMOs. When my MMOs and guilds moved over to Discord I realized how nice and convenient it was to have everything in the same place and not needing to tab back and forth from page to page. I am now a big fan of Discord over cbox. I can create different channels for specific topics; for instance we have the main chat channel, but then I have a tagging channel, a place for plotting, a channel for upcoming events, and one for my players rl events, projects, charities etc. I also use one for rules and expectations so new players don't have to scroll through pages of conversation to find what they need. Pinning posts is also very handy as well. I still have a cbox, but it rarely ever gets used.
  11. Jax

    Jax Newcomer Game Owner

    Overall, I talked to my players and it looks like they want to stay with CBox. Old school it is, at least for now
  12. Shinka

    Shinka Newcomer Game Owner

    It seems like you've made a decision, but I thought I'd pop in to give my two cents.

    Since I opened my site alongside a Discord server, I could not go back to just a c-box as a player. I've specifically passed on sites that don't have a Discord server or other dedicated chat client because, to me, it's easier to participate in the community when the conversation isn't confined to one thread (as in a typical c-box) and I don't feel like I'm talking over anyone, and also when I can access the community discussion from my phone. A c-box is more difficult and wonkier to use on mobile.

    We use our Discord server for general community building, plotting, and tag notifications. The ability to split discussion into multiple channels (e.g. general, entertainment-and-media, character-planning, etc.) is great for our community organization.
  13. ISSY

    ISSY Newcomer

    I was really slow to switch also. We were using a combination of a cbox and group chats on skype. We made the switch and I feel like the members chat more and feel like more of a community. We have channels to help keep it organized like General, Plotting, Reminders, and Tags. It has been a great addition.
  14. Estorica

    Estorica Newcomer Game Owner

    I don't rp on Discord but use it to talk to people I am roleplaying with. I own an rp forum and have set up with my partner in crime, a Discord server. It's normally busy and filled with chatter leaving all the role-playing done in the forums. I find it gives a site a cleaner look and you have more control of rules etc.
  15. eleholly

    eleholly Newcomer Game Owner

    I don't RP on Discord either, but we used it to keep in touch with our memberbase. We don't require people join our discord, but really, that's where all the plotting happens. You can message people 1x1 to have direct chats with and don't have to worry about using two different chat clients to keep up with the onsite chat and your private chat. Everything is pretty much rolled into one. You can also have multiple channels for various purposes. We have plotting channels, ICC channels, board moderation channels, help and suggestion channels. It's really great to stay in touch with your people.
  16. Paulpatine

    Paulpatine Newcomer Game Owner

    Because our cbox is on the site, we have some minor restrictions, like posts in a row, or things like that; the discord is entirely free and open, no posting or language restrictions, and awesome on phones. Will be keeping the cbox around a while for the luddites who refuse to use discord, but likely only until the current subscription for cbox expires.
  17. SalyaDarken
    Anime Lover

    SalyaDarken Newcomer Game Owner

    I like the old ways but I always up to trying new things. XD So my forum has a Discord server as well a Cbox. XD
  18. StormyWays13
    Apple Fan

    StormyWays13 Newcomer Game Owner

    I use discord exclusively for my site chat. I love the customizability, mobile app, and I have intergrations built into the Plus the different channels. Many added bonuses.
  19. TheOasis

    TheOasis Newcomer Game Owner

    Discord is great, man. It's a wonderful way to not only organize all of your info and present event/recruitment threads, but there are also bots and extensions that make your life a lot easier. I make it mandatory to be on Discord on my site haha
  20. Rowena Ravenclaw

    Rowena Ravenclaw Resident Game Owner

    There are several reasons - for me at least - that discord is better than the standard cbox.

    1. The most important one is that it's free. In order to have a cbox that actually automatically updates (thus allows you to notice guests) you have to pay for it and the free ones/codes aren't that great.

    2. There is the option to set up roles for everyone and to have channels for various things so questions don't get lost in the shuffle of discussion, for example.

    3. I get it on my phone, which is a big plus for me. I cannot easily access the cbox on my phone so when I'm out and about, getting a discord notification to my phone makes life so much easier.