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  1. thewanderer2156

    thewanderer2156 Newcomer Game Owner

    What's everyone's preferred chat box and why? I'm using chatango and I was curious if there's anything better?
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  2. Verridith

    Verridith QUEEN of GOLD !! Game Owner

    I like Discord best now that there are ways to integrate it as a guest-friendly chatbox on a forum; you just can't beat Discord <3
  3. thewanderer2156

    thewanderer2156 Newcomer Game Owner

    Oh damn I didn't even think of that! Can it be placed on the site as well?
  4. SithLordOfSnark

    SithLordOfSnark Resident Game Owner

    I use C-Box on my sites atm, but once the C-Box Premium on two of my sites expires, I'll be moving over to Discord, since Titan is a thing and can be embedded where the C-Box is.
  5. Death Kitten

    Death Kitten Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Game Owner

    Discord is taking over all the things. Nova sites don't usually worry about on site chat boxes, but my game's got a Discord server too. I may have to look at Titan anyways, I can always give it its own page like we used to do for IRC back in the day.
  6. TheDjinn

    TheDjinn Newcomer

    I'm a large fan of C-Box, although Discord is rapidly taking over for that.
  7. dwshasta

    dwshasta Newcomer

    Discord. I used to use Digsby, but it was difficult to get friends to join me there.
  8. We have Discord on all of our sites but for anyone to use them they have to go to the Discord site and register. How can this be embedded on the site so that they don't have to do that? I don't even use it myself as the C-box is easier for me.
  9. SithLordOfSnark

    SithLordOfSnark Resident Game Owner

    Note that it's still in Beta, but it's the best way to make it possible for Guests and Members alike to chat using Discord without using the app/browser version.
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  10. Honeylove

    Honeylove Newcomer Game Owner

    I've used for years, and I've always enjoyed it. But the benefits of Discord - such as being completely free, and being able to embed into the website and having the phone ap has won me over and I have no plans to renew my cbox once it expires on Halloween. I've just put a sticky message at hte top of the cbox linking to our Discord channel and I have Titan Embed too.
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  11. I'll get my daughter onto that, she has more expertise in implementing those sort of things. Thank you.
  12. Tella

    Tella Newcomer Game Owner

    Currently I use C-box, but when our premium goes out I might bring up a poll to see if everyone would rather us go to discord.
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  13. LarxyAeria

    LarxyAeria Newcomer Game Owner ...... every time. Only downside is you have to pay for the auto scrollnig and sound notifications. But, it's really cheap and well worth it.
  14. SithLordOfSnark

    SithLordOfSnark Resident Game Owner

    Actually, auto-refresh comes with the free version now. Paid gives you admin controls, sound and other things, but auto-refresh is now free.
  15. Tartle

    Tartle Resident Game Owner

    Discord is where it's at! We use Titan Embeds to put it to our site for quick guest access. There is another embed widget but I cannot remember it or maybe I am just crazy and there isn't one....
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  16. Cypher

    Cypher Newcomer Game Owner

    Cbox, and Cbox by far.. The dynamics in aesthetic things like avatars aside, I'm not a fan of Discord as a client for a whole host of reasons I've probably repeated countless times across the internet. And while Titan Embed makes Discord far less, well, annoying to use, Discord itself still has things like crappier custom emoticons, for example.

    But since the internet has become stubborn and people have opted to pass on sites they would've otherwise joined because there's no Discord, there's no reason for me to also be stubborn in that relationship now that Titan exists when I can still just, you know, continue to not use Discord instead of my preference.
  17. Death Kitten

    Death Kitten Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Game Owner

    I recently added the Titan Embed on my site, I'm happy. Haven't had anyone use it yet, but the fact that my potential users can now pop on without needing a discord account, and I'm able to be there nearly all the time because mobile client, makes it perfect.

    Cbox is crap on mobile. I've never liked chat embedded on pages. It's so inconvenient.
  18. SithLordOfSnark

    SithLordOfSnark Resident Game Owner

    Isn't that a contradiction? You like Titan Embed but you don't like embedded chat.
  19. Death Kitten

    Death Kitten Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Game Owner

    I like having a way for people who don't (yet) have a discord to reach me. I can't effectively use an embedded chat on my phone, but I can use the discord app. This allows me to access the chat in the way that let's me be an effective admin, while opening up the access to reach more people.
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  20. kaydrew

    kaydrew Newcomer

    I love C-box and plan to stick with it. however, considering also adding a Discord server as another chat option.
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