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  1. Aww! Thank you! That was actually my first attempt at using PowerPoint. I felt the need to teach myself because my kids often have projects that end up being PowerPoints. So I figured I might as well do something fun with it. The members seem to have enjoyed seeing what pictures I found of their Cs too.
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    Wow, I didn't know you could do that with PowerPoint. Lol.
  3. At nearly 15 minutes, and I don't mean this to be rude, it is not very interesting for people who dont know the characters. I can imagine people who know the rp and who are waiting for pics of their own or their co-writers would be riveted to their seat. For me, not so much. I watched 2 characters and clicked away. Was there a voice over? Was there any explanation of plots? You may have tacked that on at the end, I wouldnt know, my attention just evaporated :(

    I think a 5 minutes video could have done the same. And I might have been tempted to watch the whole thing then, at 10 minutes shorter.

    Was this a promo video of just for members?
  4. Yes, it was made just for the members. It started out as just a way to learn the program. It would be a lot different if it had been more public than just site. But even so, it did it's purpose. It brought back a few people who had been inactive for a couple of months.
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  5. As a member-thing and an experiment it is wonderful. Worked a treat if it brought back inactive members (I bet they went 'awww' at all the characters they remembered). If you ever try your hands on a sort of promo thing, I'd recomment something shortish :P I have an extremely short promo of just under a minute, and even then most people only see half of it.
  6. I would LOVE to make a promo, but I'm not quite that visually creative. But I have been considering offering a challenge to make one. I'm not sure how that would go over though. I trust our members to do well, but I'm not sure who would have the know-how and the time.
  7. just ask! you never know what talenrs are lurking. maybe making the promo can be a collab work. one or two people writing text for the voice over, someone with a pleasant voice speaking, someone to edit images or video, and someone to put it together.
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    I've started developing audio re-enactments of OtherSpace scenes for my YouTube channel. Enjoying it so far!
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