Using podcasts or videos to promote or support your rp

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  1. It's not a new thing, people have been making videos for their rp for a long time. I also wanted to create on, or more a podcast, really. But I ended up making a video, because I liked using our art as well.

    I find it is a good way to do a short recap of the story so far, because our rp is more of a continuous story. It is a lot of work, and doing the voice over took me too long because I had a hard time trying not to giggle. Or to put the emphasis in the right place.

    Have you used video or podcasts for your rp? How did that go? Are you interested in trying it out?
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  2. Lady B

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    I've not done a podcast (yet), but I have made video "Trailers" for my Pirate reenactment group (three video trailers in fact), a video trailer for Wraith Never Ending (a cosplay fan site for fans of the Wraith from Stargate Atlantis), and recently did a teaser trailer for my newest RP, Shadows: a Phantom of the Opera rp.
    Sometimes finding content is easy, otherwise it's hard to match up what you have in mind. :)

    ~Lady B
  3. I guess I am lucky that I create the content myself, or can rely on others to make it, like the art I was able to use, which was commissioned. I don't think I'd have time to go out and find video images to fill out the video. The only thing I had to find was what now is kinda the theme tune for the video, and that wasnt that hard.
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  4. Lady B

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    :: nods :: Images and videos is hard to find as it does require a lot of searching. But I'm that sort of person, as I research a lot and search a lot, too. :)
    But it's SO satisfying when you've created something so good, isn't it?

    ~Lady B
  5. Eve

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    I haven't done so myself, but I'm a member of a forum that has several movie trailer style promotional videos. I can't really comment on the effectiveness of them since I didn't even know they had them until I joined, and it certainly wasn't what brought me to the forum in the first place, but I can see how they could be an additional method of advertisement. I wouldn't base my whole advertising campaign around it though.

    Podcasts are something that has never interested me, so again, I can't really comment on how well they would work as a means of promoting one's site, but again I imagine it would work fine in addition to the traditional means of promotion - getting listed on databases, gathering affiliates, and spreading propaganda advertisements - but not as a substitute for it.
  6. I think I did the video more to quickly update new members to where we are in the story and then realised I could use it for promotion :) I don't have many affiliates, and I am listed in 4 directories, and never ever do advertisments on forums. I even gave up on Tumblr adverts.

    I should add that our story is a continuous story, and it is kinda important to keep track of stuff that already happened. So a recap is handy for new members who dont want to read through 7 chapters worth of posts :P (I do, I regularly read through the posts again. But I am weird that way.)
  7. Elena

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    I have done youtube movies for each year's anniversary (Before the Mast is 3 years old) and for Valentine's Days contests. The graphics are made by the members, at graphic contests, and the song is sea-related too.
  8. Lady B

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    Shall have to check them out, Elena. :)

    ~Lady B
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  9. Our old game had a video promo which everyone seemed to really like but I didn't make it. My class on video editing in college was actually my most-hated course in the entirety of my major so I just refuse to make one myself lol. I think they can be pretty effective ways to advertise though- it shows everyone's really committed if they put in the time to make one, or at least that's my opinion on it.
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  10. It really helps if you enjoy making videos of course :) Or if you can find someone who likes to make them. That shows through the whole video.

    I don't enjoy advertisinf sprees, so I dont do them (regardless of the fact that I can't do them because guests can't leave links on our site :P). You should always promote your site in a way that you enjoy as well.
  11. Meushell

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    They are well worth checking out. I'm not even on the site, but I enjoyed them. Lol. Yes, I'm strange. I've even just looked on YouTube for roleplay stuff, really, for my own amusement.

    Anyway, to answer the question, I've made a video myself, but I want to re-edit it. I got a bit impatient towards the end. I also want to make it a 2013 video and include all characters that were part of the roleplay in 2013. People have joined since I made the video, so I want them in it.
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  12. Lady B

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    Oh, understand with updating videos and such. :)

    There's the link to my channel on YouTube with some vids I made for my pirate reenacting crew, for Wraith Never Ending which is a cosplay fan site, and the new one for Shadows: a Phantom of the Opera RP. I have more in the planning process and works. But will be a while before I get them out.
    Hope no one minds.
    I like to take in some cases, a theatrical approach to some vids, to make them like Trailers like I did with Shadows. While others... are more informative like I did with a couple of them for the Resurrection and for Wraith Never Ending. I can't say it's grabbed a lot of attention, but people have seen them.

    ~Lady B
  13. Obstaff

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    I have a trailer than an ex-member has used but we never really did much with it. I'm sure they can be really interesting and I like the idea of them, i just need to find a way to use it ha! I would love to be able to do some podcast though, I'm really into that at the moment and it makes me excited to do things like that.
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  14. Dreamer2012

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    I think it can be interesting, definitely. At least if its done right. I've noticed from other sites that it can show how the plot has come along thus far. It just takes someone with the time and patience to actually put it together. I've never considered the podcast though. That could be different.
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  15. I've done a slideshow with each RP character, five pictures, and music. Then, I posted it up on youtube and shared it. The only complaint I got was the length...but with 75 active Cs shown, how would it not take almost 15 minutes?
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  16. Meushell

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    You could give each character less time. Really though, who watches a YouTube video about roleplay characters, only to complain about it? That's just weird.
  17. Actually, the slides are supposed to look like pictures being thrown in, then once all the pictures are there, the character's name appears. All in all, that's only about 5 seconds. Granted, I did use all kinds of transitions, and some of those are longer.
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  18. Meushell

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    You have a link to it? Now I'm getting curious to see it.
  19. Of course I have a link to it. It's banned in Germany though. Apparently, they don't like Escala there.

    Hope you enjoy it and don't lose interest too easily. :)
  20. Meushell

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    That was entertaining. The transitions were fun. I liked the one that turned into a paper plane and flew away. It was a bit fun to see the pictures before seeing what name you gave them.
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