Standing Trials Fantasy RPG (Discussion)

Discussion in 'Game News & Discussions' started by Pegasus, Oct 4, 2018.

  1. New look website,totally up to date PHPBB and same fantastic players. We're always looking for new writers. Please feel free to contact me here or just pop by and say hello!
  2. Two new race updates for us today! Thanks to our Developer Fairytale, we've had updates to our:

    Mer race, and also the Tunawa - a tiny race with big personality!
  3. New magic out today! Graft, the magic which allows the control and shaping of living flesh (plant or animal) via manipulation of the mysterious life forces known as Enervations has been released!

    Check out the Wiki Article
  4. We have a new layout to our wiki information, a new release of Hone, a runic magic and lots of awesome plots underway. New Cycle starts 1st Feb, when a whole new batch of time becomes available to tell even more stories in!
  5. A new race out today!


    Playable as PCs or available as NPCs.
  6. :medal-g-r-p: Official March 2019 GotM Winner with 694 votes and 742 vote points!
  7. I am not Tyrant but this review is by him. He was formerly a moderator on Standing Trials and his review exemplifies the current state of it nicely.


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