Solvitur Charta (Discussion)

Discussion in 'Game News & Discussions' started by BobbyB, May 19, 2018.

  1. Today we have 80 members with over 1600 messages in 226 threads.
  2. :medal-g-r-p: Official September 2018 GotM Winner with 219 votes and 332 vote points!
  3. :medal-g-r-p: Official October 2018 GotM Winner with 312 votes and 341 vote points!
  4. :medal-g-r-p: Official November 2018 GotM Winner with 312 votes and 341 vote points!
  5. Solvitur Charta is a welcoming, active community for every roleplayer. A quick rundown of the forum;
    • It’s an active community, dedicated staff members
    • 3/3/3 rating
    • There are ~10 sign ups a week
    • 350 members and 4500 messages in 500 threads
    • Skill-level or years of activity in the RP world don’t really matter as long as you’re a cool person
    • It’s for everybody above the age of 13
    • It’s a multi-genre site (fandom + OC). Whatever your vice, we have a place for it.
    • Mature players have their own section to do their thing.
    • SCRP also hosts RP’s on their discord server
    • We usually have events, for December we have 12 writing events around the holidays
    • We affiliate / partner (hit me up on Discord or via PM here)
    Check our Searches:
    Join our site
    Or join our Discord:
  6. As of 23/12, we allow off-site advertising.
    Click the link right here to get your ad in :)

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