Solvitur Charta

13+ multigenre forum with adult sections for veterans and starters to join

Solvitur Charta - 13+ multigenre forum with adult sections for veterans and starters to join

SCRP is a welcoming community for young and old. Whether you're 14 of 57, an RP veteran or came looking just last night, we welcome you. We allow most things on the site, if they're within the set rules. This includes mature topics and graphic violence. If that's not your niche, you can simply stay away from those areas and post in the PG-13 sections.

Aside from our RP areas, we have other sections to help you develop as a writer, as well as community areas where you can play game or merely chat away with other members. We have a discord server (also open for non-forum members) where you are welcome to either chat or RP with others as well!

Current active games include.

Punks of Atlas
Punks of Atlas is a Cyberpunk Fantasy Roleplay set in the world of Atlas. Ever wondered what it'd be like for a Medieval Fantasy based world to advance into the far flung future? Well here it is! This world is one of magic and mystery as well as megacorporations and space age tech. Welcome to the future, welcome to the hellish techno future. A dystopia is what most would call it. The majority of people live in poverty while the rich get richer and those high up in the world just keep getting higher. But that's where the Punks come in. Punks reject their role in society and seek to break out on their own. You're gonna be a Punk, definitely. Or would you rather just work a dead end job that comes with no retirement and enough money to barely feed yourself let alone a family?

Whispers of Madness
Though many are plagued by whispers in the darkness of Arkham, rumors spoken by half mad citizens spread like wildfire. Hope of sanity, in a world maddened by monsters from another realm. Whispers like these have always been, often leaving the tongues of those newly maddened. Everyone hopes for sanity’s soothing touch after witnessing the horrors this world has to offer, it’s just the way. Only, there’s something different about these words. They bring fear to the cultists, whom scramble to silence the citizens.

Aella - Wander's Café
Located in the In Between - the place between worlds - is a single village. Or rather, a single street of shops and diners. One of these would be Wanda's Café.
It's always busy with people of all words and regulars know it's smart to listen to Wanda. Despite eyeing petite and fragile, her generally reputation precedes her. The worlds, all of them, are full of people who mean others harm. There are murders, kidnappers, Krakens and much worse. It is said there is even a world where Hitler won and that world is in chaos and disarray.

However, rumours and speculation isn't what brought you here. Whatever the reason you are now here, your evening won't consist of alcohol and flirting or whatever else you could find here it seems.
A guy you've never met approaches you with a confidence and insolence rarely seen. He invites himself to your table and talks to you like he knows you. He definitely knows Wanda and she does nothing to interfere. Anybody who knows Wanda knows she doesn't take kindly to this kind of behaviour. He ends his tale with the request you help take care of a "small issue". Shouldn't take up too much of your time, presuming you listen to Wanda along the way...

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