Solvitur Charta

The multigenre roleplay site for all ages and skill-levels to join

Solvitur Charta - The multigenre roleplay site for all ages and skill-levels to join

Do you like forum roleplay?
Do you like an active community?
Do you love making friends?
Then we have the place for you

Solvitur Charta Roleplay is an active roleplay community with dedicated staff members. While we have a RPG rating of 3/3/3, our erotica sections are closed off from the public. In order to gain access, members need to go through a mandatory age verification. This has had many a positive feedback from members~

With approximately 10 new members a week, we’re growing daily.
Of those members, most don’t really mind if you’re new to the craft, coming back from hiatus or a veteran stretching their legs. We just want to make new friends and have fun roleplaying!

To roleplay, we are extremely flexible, usually the game master can run their game the way they want, with any plot they want. We’re a multi-genre site for both fandom and OC roleplay.

In our other sections, we encourage people to have mature writing discussions, or offer their writing up for feedback. We have areas where you can keep your plots, characters, or worlds neatly together.

On top of all that, we also host roleplays and allow roleplay advertising on our Discord server.

Some of our current games and searches include
Arranged Marriage

Your character is a prince of a failing kingdom. There has been rebellions amongst the peasants and other kingdoms are looking to prey on your's as things progressively get worse. To try and make peace the King declares that he'll have his son marry a peasant in order to better understand them and to try and bridge the gap. The chosen girl will be a random from a lottery of various names of those from the kingdom. Every girl's dream, except my character's. My character longs for a life of freedom and doing things her own way. She knows all she'll be is some political pawn forced to do this and that, rather than what she wants to do. Before being chosen she lived near the woods rather than in the village by herself. Her mother died in child-birth and her father died in a hunting accident after getting sepsis from wounds in a bear attack. As her father mostly raised her, she's not exactly a "lady" and acts a bit brash rather than demure. She makes a living by selling the furs and meat of her kills as her father taught her to be a skilled hunter. At learning she's to be made into a queen she decides to make a run for it. She has no idea where she's going to go but she knows she's not staying to face that particular fate. My character decides to attempt to make a kill the morning of her leaving but her hunt is interrupted by your character for whatever reason. We can decide what happens after that, does he run with her, not knowing who she is as they've never met in person? Or does he figure out who she is and force her to return back to the kingdom.
**Also willing to do a gender swap with this

Greek Gods Reborn
So, I was looking into mythology - brushing up a little on the Greeks. And was it one again by my love of earlier depictions of Dionysus. I thought to myself - how fun would it be to Play this mythological figure in an rpg setting and, well, bam. Here we are.

So let's so start with what I'm thinking. Imagine something vaguely but not exactly like Percy Jackson. Very Vaguely.

Anyways, for some reason or another the gods had to go dormant to make way for the overpowering force of christianity. They weren't willing to just lay down and die so they all chose a human blood line and secretly inserted their essence or very bringing into newborns. They lived reborn t the family over an over for years and centuries. They have no memories or awareness of what they truely are and wont know until it's time to awake and challage the gods for their right to rule and live once again.

Our characters would be these vaguely awakening gods and goddess. Something went wrong and everything is fuzzy. Not everyone wakes up at once and its becomes a struggle to navigate new faint memories, each other, powers, dynamics, etc.

Any RP Wanted
I am open to RP of pretty much any genre. I am willing to rp as any race, gender, sexuality, creature, and am willing to have my RP partner RP as whatever or whoever they may feel like.
My personal favorite RP genres:
1. Fantasy
2. Romance or erotic
3. Horror or thriller or slashed
Again, I am willing to rp as anything or anyone, and am open to rping with anything or anyone!

Ghost of my Dreams
When Muse A purchases a new home, they are quick to dismiss rumors of the residence being haunted. Even when the realtor declines to give them a guided walkthrough of the property because of strange occurrences the last time they showed the listing, Muse A just laughs it off as a silly joke. Everything weird that happens from the move-in day has a perfectly logical explanation as far as Muse A is concerned. When the lights flicker, Muse A chalks it up to faulty wiring. When a door slams, it’s obviously because of a draft. When their keys aren’t where they left them, it’s probably because they have a poor memory. Muse A is a firm believer in everything having a logical explanation; they definitely don’t believe in ghosts or anything of a supernatural nature.

For years, Muse B, a poltergeist, has been trying to make contact with the living inhabitants of their home with unfavorable results. Typically, when Muse B’s done all they can to make their presence known to someone, making noises and moving items throughout the home, they end up scaring them off without intending to. Being stuck on this plane with no idea how to move on, unable to be seen or heard, is endlessly frustrating. Muse B is desperate to make a viable connection with Muse A who doesn’t seem so easy to frighten. After many failed trials, Muse B attempts to tap into Muse A’s mind while Muse A is asleep. If Muse B can meet Muse A in a dream, maybe they can convince Muse A that they exist and ask for help.

Optional: Muse B is successful in entering Muse A’s dreams, but they don’t anticipate becoming stuck in Muse A’s body when Muse A awakens.

[ERP] Long Term Partner Wanted
Hi I'm new to this site, and wanna get back into rping so I came here. I'm into writing smut just a heads up. I don't really have many requirements besides please give me at least a good paragraph, preferably two.

Demon x Monster Hunter
Fox girl x Master
Anything medieval

That's really all I got, but I'm up to rp a good plot, so just shoot me a pm if you wanna rp. Sorry this is so short. ^^

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