Solvitur Charta

13+ multigenre forum with adult sections for veterans and starters to join

Solvitur Charta - 13+ multigenre forum with adult sections for veterans and starters to join

SCRP is a welcoming community for young and old. Whether you're 14 of 57, an RP veteran or came looking just last night, we welcome you. We allow most things on the site, if they're within the set rules. This includes mature topics and graphic violence. If that's not your niche, you can simply stay away from those areas and post in the PG-13 sections.

Aside from our RP areas, we have other sections to help you develop as a writer, as well as community areas where you can play game or merely chat away with other members. We have a discord server (also open for non-forum members) where you are welcome to either chat or RP with others as well!

Current active games include.
The Elder Scrolls: Tales of The Second Age
The year is 430 of the second era. Tamriel is in disarray with the recent death of the Akaviri Potentate, Savirien roark, and all of his heirs. Slain by the hands of the Morag Tong, the empire is without leadership and local rulers vie for power in small kingdoms and dutchies all while dark powers work in the shadows, what’s worst rumors speak of an ancient evil growing in power from beyond the realm of mundus... Thus is where your story begins. It is now 479 of the Second Era You are a mercenary, hired by a warlord in Cyrodill to retrieve a magical artifact from a carin high in the mountains near Bruma, but not everything is as it seems. Will you be a hero and bring order and balance to a war ridden land? Or will you work towards the destruction of the world in pursuit of ultimate power? The choice... is yours.

Primordial Fury
Over 100 million years ago, the gods begun an age old clash over the dominance of the Earth. To prevent further destruction and carnage, the plan to wipe the slate clean 65 million years ago was devised by all the gods as a ceasefire. This placed all the gods in stasis for an indefinite amount of time. Many years later passed and the gods of old were forgotten until another catastrophe. 2012 not just started a chain of events that spanned over several years, but also trigger the awakening of the gods. Primordial Fury would be revived. Civilization fell and the divine continued war. The Virtuous Gods and the Vile Gods would fight once again.

TLDR: Jurassic Park meets Mortal Kombat meets Cthulhu Mythos.

Various other members are looking for partners. We also have a discord server, which allows non-forum members

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