Solvitur Charta

The multigenre roleplay for all ages and skill-levels to join

Solvitur Charta - The multigenre roleplay for all ages and skill-levels to join

Solvitur Charta Roleplaying is a welcoming community for young and old. Whether you're 14 of 57, an RP veteran or came looking just last night, we welcome you. We allow most things on the site, if they're within the set rules. This includes mature topics and graphic violence. If that's not your niche, you can simply stay away from those areas and post in the PG-13 sections.

Aside from our RP areas, we have other sections to help you develop as a writer, as well as community areas where you can play game or merely chat away with other members. We have a discord server (also open for non-forum members) where you are welcome to either chat or RP with others as well!


Current active games and requests include (but are not limited to):

Group RP or 1x1
-First Impression, First Love- (NSFW)

You would think being one of the most popular girls in the school you would assume that she wouldn't need to resort to online dating... Think again. Due to several warnings [Your Character] ignores them all even when her 'enemy' warns her. Despite the warnings she goes to meet the man behind the screen name. Things seem to take a turn for the worse when she is nearly raped.
..... An unexpected hero with striking blue hair saved her! The woman she has denied her feelings for. Thing truly start taking an unexpected turn. Is it love? Lust? Both?... And will Myra keep her safe?

The Great Wasteland (Post apocalyptic)

In a world were water and food is scarce, and society has fallen thanks to biological and chemical warfare, cities around the world have become havens of civilization. In Australia, these cities, or Strongholds as they are now called, trade with each other, massive trading convoys travel along the highways, in highly modified vehicles. The semi-trucks are protected by smaller vehicles, because the wasteland is vast, and some have fallen to the vices of the wasteland, roving bandits are the least of the worries though, since the weapons used in the war that ended the world have caused mutants to arise, and while these mostly live in underground catacombs, some have started venturing up, and rumors of a mutant and bandit king somewhere further inland have started arising. This world of vehicular warfare will never be the same when all is said and done, and it could very well mean the end of the world, again.

The Four Horsemen (Post apocalyptic)

The world didn't end, as some thought, in nuclear fire, or through a world wide virus. Well not completely at least when the latter is concerned. No, instead all the global economies collapsed, it was an economic apocalypse brought on by some global super virus, among other reasons, know as The Great Collapse to those who survived it. Some people banded together and made communities that were safe, and provided for themselves, some were in the big cities, others in smaller urban and suburban areas, and some were entire small farming communities before the Collapse. But others saw this as a chance to take what they wanted, bandits, raiders, anarchists, fucking assholes are just some of the names used to describe them. There are some mercenary Rangers that live in the communities that keep the trade routes clear, and even keep a certain radius around the communities clear of those would would steal from and kill the people of said communities. But another group has arisen outside of the communities, to oppose a self-styled Raider King who has been uniting, or assimilating, the other raider gangs in the area. Some of the communities consider the Horsemen of the Apocalypse to be nothing more then over glorified raiders themselves, and see this as a gang war between two large Raider gangs, some see them as a cross between the mercenary Rangers and a Raider gang. But what is known for certain is that the leaders of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, the self-named Four Horsemen; Death, War, Famine and Pestilence, seem to be seeking out and destroying the Raiders, and whether the Horsemen are just another group of Raiders, or simply a misunderstood band of outcasts, remains to be seen.

Group Requests
Sapientia Sapenti Dona Data

'Wisdom Is A Gift Given To The Wise'

This is the school motto for Trinity Spirit Academy, an institution for the magically inclined.
Ranging from first grade through to college the goal of TSA is to prepare young witches and wizards for the life beyond their hidden worlds. Teaching everything from a normal school curriculum they will also learn the arts of
Potion Making
Spell casting
and many more.

The school has a mix of boarding students and day students. Set in the town of Freay, a large town hidden from the eyes of non-magical persons it has the rustic old world charms of an early Victorian era village while incorporating the modern conveniences of the new world.

It is the beginning of the new syear and everyone is returning to school, a change in the wind says it is going to be a fun.

Primordial Fury (combat RP)

Over 100 million years ago, the gods begun an age old clash over the dominance of the Earth. To prevent further destruction and carnage, the plan to wipe the slate clean 65 million years ago was devised by all the gods as a ceasefire. This placed all the gods in stasis for an indefinite amount of time. Many years later passed and the gods of old were forgotten until another catastrophe. 2012 not just started a chain of events that spanned over several years, but also trigger the awakening of the gods. Primordial Fury would be revived. Civilization fell and the divine continued war. The Virtuous Gods and the Vile Gods would fight once again.

TLDR: Jurassic Park meets Mortal Kombat meets Cthulhu Mythos.

Dramatic Pirates Plot

So maybe this is a Victorian-esque or Steampunk-esque setting, some sort of setting where we can let some fantasy mingle. There are gender roles in play, but most women are equal and can hold down some jobs as men can in the country where my character is from. Class issues are a different thing entirely, though. One of those places where class issues are a big deal in this country is within the Navy!
Anyway, gender issues may be different from country to country in this universe. I'm sure we'll figure it out.

The Navy and the Pirates are all after the same thing. Maybe it's treasure, maybe it's a destination. Either way, this makes this all complicated for my Navy Navigator lady because she now has to work against the team she originally signed up for. Along the line, however, she realizes that the pirates aren't so bad after all, so she resists a little less. Then, being the new right-hand man of the captain, she probably grows close to him and fond for him, as well. And, you know, romance.

BUT not only is the Navy now after the pirates in question, the man who is the woman's best friend is looking to avenge her because he thinks she was killed and thrown overboard. Then maybe he realizes that she's with them and tries to rescue them. I'm not sure.

Logan & Laura Howlette RP (Fandom rp)

This is a Logan and Laura Howlette based roleplay and I cried rivers when I watched the movie. I-I died a little inside at the ending... Anwyays, no romance for this one, just a father/daughter relationship. Maybe Laura is sent to a different dimension and ends up meeting Logan again, or maybe she is sent back in time, or maybe he is sent to a different dimension and he meets Laura? I don't really have many ideas, sooo anything is possible! WOO! I admit, I really don't know much about the X-Men universe other than what I've seen in the movies. I really really want to buy and the read comic books, but I don't have enough at the moment. (TvT)

I'm fine playing either Logan or Laura for this.

Beyond the edge

In a world full of war and turmoil, where knights fight fire with fire, and dragons bond with the races to fight for similar ideals, A group must fight through it all, and face challenges unknown to them. Unknown to the world. They will be forced to question the ethics of others, and of themselves. Where technology doesn't exist, and magic rules over the lands, and Races of myth exist. Welcome to Beyond The Edge

Various other members are looking for partners. We also have a discord server, which allows non-forum members

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