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  1. Mim

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    yep that. And a lot of jealousy among site owners I've noticed as well. Seen some really nasty jibes posted on some resource sites, really nasty. Like don't say nothing critical about Nova hosted games, you'll be crucified Lol
  2. Mister Karma

    Mister Karma Resident Game Owner

    See, what bugs me is we especially see competition on the original content front. It's rare to have a collaborative effort with other owners at all, and rarer for them to work well. I've considered collaborating with larger sites like Valucre, as the admin and I get along very well, if only to help spin new stories for both sites.
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  3. Mim

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    I've always been one to look at joint ventures. But to me it has to go both ways. I had several of my members sign up to one site (historical) because we were doing very similar on our own site as well. Four of us put in a giant effort to help this person out (found her on the D) only to have the door shut in our face when she was only interested in interacting with her own set of friends, giving no effort to recognize the input we were giving her site. In the end, her friends dropped off, she decided she wanted to do something entirely different and started another site for another genre entirely. Left us hanging completely. Its damned hard dealing with people like that and its not the first time for me.
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  4. Mister Karma

    Mister Karma Resident Game Owner

    ...if you got a Discord, let's talk there later.
  5. Mim

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    I does.
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  6. VirusZero

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    I think that there is an issue with roleplay due to how picky people have become and how they aren't willing to compromise on anything. (Which means trying to advertise and get people to join is so much harder now.) Like Mister Karma mentioned if even one thing is slightly off then they don't want it. This was something I said elsewhere (some here may have read it already) but I'll repost it here for consistency...

    Short lived sites definitely do give roleplay a bad name too. People who get burned by sites closing down after a short period remember that. They become hesitant to join others sites. I'd imagine in some cases this leads people to want to open their own sites so it doesn't happen. (Though in some cases they have no idea what they're in for so of course it does happen. Which itself burns more people...) It's sad but it doesn't take much for roleplayers to get jaded.

    Plus there are other issues at play which make people not want to join sites. I've seen loads of people on directories outright say they didn't want to join an established site because then they couldn't shape the site in it's infancy. Others complain they don't want to join sites because they feel they'll be lost in a crowd. (Which, to me, basically says they're more interested in being special and getting recognition than telling a story. Which means they're in the wrong hobby.)

    When it comes to mergers and partnerships... I'll admit I've almost never seen them work out too well. Merging sounds like it makes sense on paper, but when it comes time to do it only one party can be the root admin. Someone, invariably, will be screwed out of their forum. Partnerships also sound good... and there's usually less risk to them (because you're not handing over your forum). But they all too often still end with one side not holding up their end. They see some benefit and decide not to reciprocate. That or they don't see as much benefit as they want so they decide not to hold up their end.

    If someone wants to go for some kind of partnership I'd always recommend they start small. Something that they don't care if it goes sour. And communicate with the other party (or parties).
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  7. Hebe

    Hebe Newcomer Game Owner

    I hear that pain! It's sad when other games are so childish. It makes me afraid to say anything about having my own game when I'm playing elsewhere.... or even to say that I'm playing in a different game for fear of being accused of poaching.
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  8. Mim

    Mim Resident Game Owner

    I guess I am one of those rare individuals who just happens to love RPing so much, I have no qualms at all about sharing and or members of my sites (5 of them now) mentioning or even plugging sites they might be on. Hell, its how I've joined other sites over time. I don't have high expectations, but what I am saying is, that if you go out your way to support and join a site (which includes giving them a good rep on my own sites), you would think you get a little something in return.
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