Journey to the Stars (Discussion)

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    Hey everyone! This is an update to let you know how things are going on site.
    I'll start by saying you guys are seriously amazing and we're still overwhelmed by your love for the site. Life has been kicking some of our asses lately, and what with those hurricanes knocking on some of our members doors. You're all such a supportive bunch to one another, so thank you. You really make this place feel like a home for one another and that's all we want.

    Please give a huge congratulations to the first batch of mods we've promoted!
    Majora (staff acc: Sam) and Shadow (staff acc: Avina) will kindly be helping us to keep the site maintained. They'll be part of the team which approves applications, moderates the forums and keeps your credits and XP updated as you progress on the board.

    Our aim is to have enough staff on site pitching in so that the workload itself is low maintenance. Everyone involved can still focus on playing with our characters and threads. We want the team to be close knit enough that our communication between each other is constantly flowing.

    With this being in high demand we've worked our butts off to announce the Quarian Ark at the beginning of this month. It came with the arrival of new playable species and a few extra missions to go along with it. We're super excited to see more of your characters joining the mess!
    History of the Quarian Ark

    Mission #041 to #046 is now available (missions are spread over the quarian ark, nexus and kadara):

    Click here to see an index list of all the missions (available only to registered members)

    Click here to suggest more future missions

    We're taking a bit of a break before working on the next major plot development. The aim right now is to work on more missions to give current locations more plots. The next major development should be throwing up all the things for Elaaden and the Krogans to chew on. Then afterwards we'll focus on getting another Ark to the board =) Plans may change though so keep your wits about you!

    I want to make a note too that your mission suggestions are just as important to us as anything we come up with! Your contributions will be rewarded and help to include more content on the site. There's no stupid ideas, if you feel it'd be something you'd totally play with your characters then it's enough for us to want it on site too! Give us your worst!

    ► HERE ARE THE LATEST RATIOS (as of September 17th)
    Members: 30
    Human: 46
    Turian: 8
    Asari: 3
    Kett: 2
    Krogan: 2
    Geth: 1

    This is probably the biggest thing our members can help us with on site. We want all new members to feel welcomed on site, and you'll get 500 XP for all your characters as thanks.
    Since the system has been implemented back in July, we've had 16 members mentored! That's in the span of two months!

    If you're interested in joining the staff team, this is an amazing first step towards making that happen! Helping to integrate new members into what we have going on here is super important to us. We want to make them feel just as loved as you were when you joined ♥

    Click here to learn more about the buddy system (available only to registered members)