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Journey to the Stars

Mass Effect Andromeda

Journey to the Stars - Mass Effect Andromeda

After travelling for 634 years across dark space, the Hyperion Ark finally reaches its designated golden world, only to find it’s not at all what they expected. An energy cloud known as the scourge has all but destroyed what could have potentially been their new home.

The Nexus hasn’t fared any better. It’s been 4 years since their own arrival and no Ark’s or exploration to show for it. In that time a year-long rebellion broke out, ending with all rebellion supporters being killed or exiled. Krogen left shortly after that due to promises being broken for their assistance. Leadership is all but dead, supplies are at their lowest, everything is a colossal mess, and now it’s just whoever has the guts to step up has taken over.

This is where you come in.

JTTS has a very different take on Andromeda where we want the characters you create to further the site’s overall plot and development. Go off and do your own thing or join in on the missions issued by the Nexus. Take on a canon or fill the same role with an original of your own. Whether you’re a pathfinder, exile, leader, scientist or bartender you’ll have free reign over your own story.

We’re here to build a home, together.

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