How long have you been roleplaying?

Discussion in 'Role-Play Discussion' started by Amorous, Jul 30, 2016.

  1. Navarre

    Navarre Newcomer

    I've been roleplaying since 2001 around the time MySpace was released. I was on there and AOL chat room boards for a long time before in 2007 I found forum roleplays to join and become stuck with glue to.
  2. WestRose

    WestRose Newcomer

    I think I started when I started high school so 2009-2012. But when I went to college in 2013 life happened and I stopped.
  3. I have been roleplaying since 2005. I started on neopets before getting invited to join a site on acornrack. It’s been a constant hobby ever since. There are some people in my current writing community I have been writing with since I was in high school.
  4. I've been playing DnD for 6 years now. I shifted to include forum RPs I think for 4 years. 3 of which have been on COTF as of this week and I don't think I'll ever leave. I love that site.
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  5. Cirago

    Cirago Resident Patron

    Oof, I had to count years XD around 28, if I carried the two properly? Not always consecutively, and some years it was all tabletop and no forum, and some years it was the other way around. But it's been a part of my life since I was very young and I'm glad to say I've never grown out of it :)
  6. Rayo

    Rayo Newcomer

    Oh gosh, I've been RPing since I was a kid, so maybe... since mid 2000s? I honestly don't remember exactly, but at best guess I started at least 15 years ago, and I've RPed off and on ever since!
  7. catastrophic

    catastrophic Newcomer

    over 20 years! and sadly, roleplaying has changed just so much over the years!!!
  8. The_Khrys

    The_Khrys Newcomer

    So lets see, I started on D&D (pre AD&D) back in the 80's then Ran a BBS in 87-90 called NEVAH, 90- 96 I ran White Wolf Table Tops with VtM. After that I went Online, MMO's and IRC Chat RP, Of course then came AOL, MSN, Oasis, and finally Forums which is where I'm presently participating so lets see all together...

    Almost 40 years. not as long as some I see in here though!
  9. attatar

    attatar Newcomer

    About 15 years, give or take!
  10. TheDoorman

    TheDoorman Newcomer

    Probably 22 1/2 years? It's hard to remember exactly when I first dabbled in forum or chat RP, and there were a couple of years before that where I was involved in RP-adjacent fanfic spaces and cowriting them with my best friend, and sometimes talking out conversations like we were the characters. 20+ years, regardless!
  11. Oh man, probably... 16 years now? God, I feel old.
  12. knifeskunk

    knifeskunk Newcomer

    On forums? about 17 years (Holy moly). I got my start in chatrooms back in like 1999 though OOF.
  13. kraken

    kraken Newcomer

    For over 20 years - I started "collaboratively writing" with my sister via MS word documents on Saturdays when we were at home during the day. She'd write some kind of intro, go away for an hour or so to let me read and reply, and we'd carry on swapping like that throughout the day. Honestly, Halcyon days. I'm sure she got the idea from the forums she'd been on. My original stomping grounds was the roleplaying forums on Neopets (how restrictive!) before I moved off there onto forums like invisionfree and proboards (honestly, does anyone use forums for anything other than roleplaying these days, LOL?)
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