How long have you been roleplaying?

Discussion in 'Role-Play Discussion' started by Amorous, Jul 30, 2016.

  1. Amorous

    Amorous Fresh Blood

    I've been roleplaying for about four years now. I read a lot throughout my life, so roleplaying was the thing that would give me a way to experience what it would like to have your own character and decide how they would handle situations, as if you were in their skin. The reason I started roleplaying though was because I saw five or so roleplayers doing a group RP and their posts were only three sentences long, at the most. After watching them for a little while, I thought to myself 'I can probably do better'. So I cracked my knuckles, wrote up a character, and started up my hobby or roleplaying!
  2. Mim

    Mim Resident Game Owner

    For me it was the LOTR bug early in my 1st year of Uni during the boredom of waiting between lectures. That was ten years ago. From there I later joined a Stargate forum as I was pretty well hooked on that, but their RP section was pitiful. I then created my own forum and that was almost 6 years ago . I'm now a bona fide sci-fi addict.
  3. Carv

    Carv Newcomer Game Owner

    I've been roleplaying since I was like 11-12, and it originally was those lame symbol roleplays at first before actually professionally putting work into how a real roleplaying should go as of one-liners, to multi-para, and novella. I'm 20 now and I am progressing into the community still, as much as sometimes I will have that small gap of lazyness and take a break from roleplaying for a bit, which I am sure I am not alone on that. I am turning 21 soon - real soon - and I even have my own website, which I am currently still trying to upgrade the community and help further bring experience and enjoyment to the RP community - which my RP site is actually more anime related genre instead of anything in general. I am an anime geek, so I just always prefer anime RPing.
  4. Fawkes

    Fawkes Newcomer Game Owner

    Twelve years? Fifteen years? Something like that. I've been Rping off and on for forever.
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  5. Verridith

    Verridith QUEEN of GOLD !! Game Owner

    Since 2003! On the good ol' Neopets. Ah, such memories... my guild is still around as a Jcink forum, too. (:
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  6. famoussTRSG

    famoussTRSG Newcomer

    I've been RPing since around 07. So NINE years. Wow, time flies! lol
  7. Captain Riagain
    Dr Pepper Addict

    Captain Riagain Newcomer Game Owner

    Almost seventeen years now. It started off with take top, moved to forum rp with LOTR, then MMOs, and these days Star Trek PBEMs.
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  8. Mim

    Mim Resident Game Owner

    We have some veterans here :)

    I've noticed so many of us started on LOTR ^_^
  9. Delphi

    Delphi Newcomer Game Owner

    15 years, holy poop.
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  10. Mim

    Mim Resident Game Owner a long time :D
  11. sceritz

    sceritz Newcomer

    Oh man... a while.. my current main site has been 7 + years, before that I used to join sites that died. But I remember my first time was on proboards over 15 years ago.
  12. VodkaSlushy

    VodkaSlushy Newcomer

    If D&D counts then for like 10 years.
  13. SymonDrayson

    SymonDrayson Resident Game Owner

    I have been role-playing for a little bit longer than most of you it would appear from the posts I have read. :)
    Started in 1987 with D&D, FASA's Star Trek and Palladium Fantasy. Many, many other games and systems followed.

    Online I started with old school Telnet Muds (Zmud), then came Ultima Online and on and on. :)

    Mostly now I run games (Tabletop and Forum/Nova based).
  14. Quite possibly longer than most of you have been alive. My first role play was based on General Hospital as a tool for professional training purposes in 1975 on a Xerox fax machine.
  15. SymonDrayson

    SymonDrayson Resident Game Owner

    Well I was at least alive in 1975...

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  16. Elena

    Elena Resident Game Owner

    I don't think there was xerox and fax in 1975. It must be a joke. Because they got known in institutions after 1982 or 1984... And yes, I was alive in those times too... Right then it was telex, not fax. And card punching computers.

    I learnt that RPGs exist and that people can write a story collectively and interactively in 2009. I had no idea before.
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  17. We had our first machine installed in November of 75. It may not have been a Xerox as I used that term generically for Fax machines, as I do copiers. Terribly old school I know. I don't recall how much of it spread to the civilian world though, they may have been some years behind; my experience is limited at that time to military bases and ships. My husband just as I was writing this noted that the machines we were using at that time were most likely from Ricoh, which sounds familiar.

    It is wonderful to know that I am at least not alone in the vintage stakes when it comes to role play.
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  18. Elena

    Elena Resident Game Owner

    Yes, the one I used in 1986 was also Ricoh. And indeed, I guess military had them first.
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  19. I understand that Ricoh had a contract from 1973 to 1987 supplying a great deal of data related hardware to the Australian Defence Forces. From speaking with several old friends over the weekend, our Navy was one of the first to be using the second production fax machines.
  20. Nano
    Anime Lover

    Nano Newcomer Game Owner

    Roughly 15 years sounds about right. Time flies if you're a busy adult.
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