How long have you been roleplaying?

Discussion in 'Role-Play Discussion' started by Amorous, Jul 30, 2016.

  1. Elysium Soleil

    Elysium Soleil Newcomer Game Owner

    I have been roleplaying for a really long time... Back on AOL where everyone used to play in public chatrooms. I frequented the Red Dragon Inn a lot. haha... And joined RP guilds. Would love to find fellow AOL-RPers!
  2. DFedora

    DFedora Newcomer Game Owner

    I think I've been roleplaying since... 2005? It's been on and off since then, but more years spent writing than not. Most of that time has been spent managing my own forums, but also a few stints on others to just keep things different and varied if I ran the risk of running out of steam.
  3. fishbulb

    fishbulb Newcomer Game Owner

    I started roleplaying (badly) in 2000, but got serious and created my first RPG in 2003. So, about 22 years but I had a 15 year long hiatus during that time. During the hiatus, I still thought about my characters and invented little RPs in my head, but never wrote anything down. I'm so happy that I've gotten back into it and wish I had never stopped.
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  4. fiftyblackroses

    fiftyblackroses Newcomer Game Owner

    14 years now! Met my best friend on my very first forum rp too. She was my maid of honor in my wedding this past fall. We would've never met if it weren't for rps
  5. ElusionRpStaff

    ElusionRpStaff Newcomer Game Owner

    I've been playing for about ten years. I originally got hooked on a Warriors Cats rp on Wikis by Wetpaint actually, back in the day when they did forum sites.
  6. RedSky

    RedSky Newcomer Game Owner

    So long... definitely over 10 years. Probably more like 16+? I was definitely in middle school.
  7. Zina

    Zina Newcomer

    18 years
  8. Pepper

    Pepper Newcomer

    How long.... wow...looking back about 20 years... most of in chat roleplay and then I discovered forum roleplay and LOVE IT
  9. Playerfiles

    Playerfiles Resident Game Owner

    Oh my goodness !!! What a question !! Well lets see... I remember America Online... ya know AOL with dial up and that distinctive sound... scrolling thru the chat rooms, both public and private (when I asked in LOL). I remember Rhydin, Red Dragon Inn, and rapid-fire roleplay in those chat room... RP that took so much time away because you *HAD* to be present !!!

    OMG !!! I still have some of the frigging logs from way back then.

    And then came... ProBoard websites for the RPGs. I remember editing the "Logs" so we could post on a site... And I and a partner-in-crime named Olivia ran one called "Skye-The Winged Isle" (StWI) that ran fast and furious for 5, almost 6 years... And then AOL petered out...

    Ummm... was 1993 or 4... so yeah, been around awhile !!!
  10. hitokuchiroleplay

    hitokuchiroleplay Newcomer Game Owner

    >.> 23 years now... T-T sooooo old....
  11. Playerfiles

    Playerfiles Resident Game Owner

    @[hitokuchiroleplay] Nahhhhhhh, age is not a factor after 18, when you roleplay... rp til ya drop, I say
  12. Divia

    Divia Newcomer

    Since the Cretaceous period... I mean, since late 1990's... hehe.
  13. About 25 years for me, started in 1997!
  14. white_sand_empire

    white_sand_empire Newcomer Game Owner

    I started in 1996
  15. Aphachea

    Aphachea Newcomer Game Owner

    I started in 2007 but it's been very on and off... So I can't really say it's been exactly 15 years, I guess. As a cumulative I'd say maybe around 5.
  16. Bowie

    Bowie Newcomer Game Owner

    I don't remember the date I joined a Forum rp but it's been at least 20 years
  17. AlmaMont

    AlmaMont Newcomer Game Owner

    Between 15 and 20 years, but with some hiatuses in between.
  18. About... 2002? Give or take a year. Which means I finally hit 20 years heck yeah.
  19. majoreave

    majoreave Newcomer Game Owner

    Too long, honestly. I've taken breaks here and there, and started off of forums.
  20. bluejay

    bluejay Newcomer

    it's been almost 20 years for me. i can't remember exactly the age i was when i started, but it was around when i was 9 years old. my writing was pretty bad, and i started out playing wolf characters in an mmorpg lol
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