How long have you been roleplaying?

Discussion in 'Role-Play Discussion' started by Amorous, Jul 30, 2016.

  1. Afro-Circus

    Afro-Circus Newcomer Game Owner

    I've been playing on and off for almost a decade now, since I was a teen! I can't believe it's been that long LOL! xD
  2. royal_poet

    royal_poet Newcomer Game Owner

    Uff, been at least 20 years at this point. I’m old XD
  3. Tetris

    Tetris Fresh Blood

    I would have to say I have been n roleplay over 14 or so years.
  4. Louis

    Louis Newcomer

    Awesome! And here I was, fearing to be the only pre-21st century old crow here!
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  5. havfine

    havfine Newcomer

    I started forum rp in 2004. Before that, I dabbled in rp on Neopets, when I was a preteen! I took a forum rp break for a few years in the 20-teens and came back to it in 2017
  6. Sprite

    Sprite Newcomer Game Owner

    I've been doing rpg by text since 2011.
  7. NessaXO

    NessaXO Newcomer Game Owner

    About 15 years now! It was the addiction I never lost lol
  8. Nearly 20 years at this point since I started in high school with MUDs and then moved on to forums. Aside from a few hiatuses here and there it's always been my go-to and most loved hobby.
  9. Arizona

    Arizona Newcomer Game Owner

    I've been roleplaying on and off since I was sixteen--so in total, 12 years, I think. I've taken the odd hiatus or two, but that's sort of a necessary evil, especially when your sites die out.
  10. Elzeothis

    Elzeothis Newcomer Game Owner

    Longer than I would like to admit, at 28 years...

    My first RP home was Telnet, and MU*'s, and local BBS chat rooms and the like.

    Shortly thereafter things like Prodigy and AOL and ICQ changed RP to something fast and easy and on demand.

    It's been a fascinating journey, to say the least...
  11. NyxDarklore

    NyxDarklore Newcomer Game Owner

    For me it's going on oh... 18 years or something like that now (and that's just forum rp, not including tabletop and other stuff).
  12. thetortureartist

    thetortureartist Fresh Blood

    My first rp was on a fantasy ezboard sooooo... roughly 17/18 years?
  13. aine

    aine Newcomer Game Owner

    I'm sad to say I actually don't know the exact year that I started! But, I know that it was at least 2008. The first forums I joined were invisionfree!
  14. Squishy24601

    Squishy24601 Resident Game Owner

    Since I was eleven. I'm 24 now.
  15. I started on AOL chat rooms when they were a huge thing, then after a while, I felt bored with them and found out about MySpace and basically ended up stuck with them on their RPG side of things (fantasy, wolves, TLK stuff back then) and then in 2005 I found out about RPG Forums and never went back ever since. I've been on Proboards, JCINK, MyBB, and just about anything else in between.
  16. caporushes
    Caffeine Fix

    caporushes Newcomer Game Owner

    I think since I was about 11 or 12... so 20 years or so? Which seems like such a long time just stated outright like that... I started off with forum RP, even, writing Sailor Moon OCs. Ah, youth.
  17. Lasciel

    Lasciel Newcomer

    Well .. I started table top RP when I was six and it has been ... quite a few decades since then. My first RPing online was in yahoo user rooms of all places so I feel like that also puts a pretty big time stamp on things.
  18. Lani

    Lani Newcomer

    Beyond video games, I have really only ever participated in writing RPs, which I've been doing on and off since I was 13.
  19. Pigboy

    Pigboy Newcomer

    I started (more or less) when I was in my teens, with some empty spaces where I wasn't rping at all between now and then. But if we're going by the time I first rped, then probably 25 years ;-;
  20. ShouldersofGiants100

    ShouldersofGiants100 Newcomer Game Owner

    I just hit my decade mark sometime in the last year—half of that after founding my site. Not constant (lots of hiatuses, especially from 2017-18) but always part of what I was doing. Fortunately I've come a long way from my days on Omegle.
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