How do you choose a thread title?

Discussion in 'Role-Play Discussion' started by KatherineEspair, Aug 9, 2014.

  1. eleholly

    eleholly Newcomer Game Owner

    Lyrics and song titles are my go to. I tend to pick a title that directly relates to the overall theme of said thread, but sometimes, it doesn't work out that way. Also, book titles or subtitles are also good! One of my favorite threads was "All's Fair In Love And War".
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  2. Catskillz

    Catskillz Newcomer

    A lot of times I use song titles, or phrases that are well-known but not tooooo cliche.

  3. VictorG

    VictorG Newcomer Game Owner

    This has always been the hardest thing for me. For the most part I try and use what the post is about in order to come up with the title. But sometimes it just doesn't seem good enough and I end up going until the post is done before I can finally come up with something.
  4. sora

    sora Newcomer Game Owner

    Been said before, but I do it too: Song lyrics. There are some freaking amazing lyric lines out there that are just perfect for threads.
  5. Somniac

    Somniac Resident Game Owner

    Can it pun? Then I pun. Is there a relevant reference that applies? Bingo.

    I used to agonize over proper titles, but it's one of those things that get easier with practice.
  6. writerlimn

    writerlimn Newcomer Game Owner

    Lyrics or puns are my go to, or a fitting word that pops into my head
  7. Dabony

    Dabony Newcomer Game Owner

    Yup. 100%. If I can't find a good pun, I'll usually insert a quote or summarise the general theme in a snappy way.
  8. I also tend to do lyrics, whatever fits the feel of the thread the best. I do sometimes throw in a pun instead, though!
  9. Drew

    Drew Newcomer Game Owner

    I do a little bit of everything, from song lyrics to absurd listings of items off the Chili's appetizer menu. It all depends on the feel of that thread and character, and I think there's equal room for seriousness and levity!
  10. Vee

    Vee Newcomer Game Owner

    Sometimes I grab a title from the music I have going. Other times it's more of a poetic lyric.
  11. IkateKedaStudios

    IkateKedaStudios Newcomer Game Owner

    Always an in joke of some kind you need to read the thread to understand. Like one thread I did I titled "WHAT DO YOU MEAN I'M NOT A MAN?!"

    See? You already wanna read it!
  12. porkerberry

    porkerberry Newcomer Game Owner

    I try to pick something that describes the main plot of the role-play
  13. Melusine

    Melusine Newcomer Game Owner

    Generally speaking, I always pick song titles or part of the lyrics of the song I'm listening to while writing. For more specific threads or for characters I know very well, I tend to be less random and pick something that better fits the thread/pairing.
  14. BurningBridges19

    BurningBridges19 Fresh Blood

    Lately, I've been partial to writing the starter first and only then giving it a title, while also considering what kind of thread it will be, my character's relationship with the other character, my character's personality etc. If it's the first interaction my character has had with the other one I usually tend to go for something generic, though.
  15. Pastamancer

    Pastamancer Newcomer Game Owner

    Song lyrics or puns for me-- looking up, I'm not alone, which is extremely relieving to hear!
  16. Nia

    Nia Newcomer Game Owner

    Song lyrics or quotes are my go-to but I sometimes just come up with something random.
  17. I usually go for lyrics/songs that fit what the RP is about. Every now and then, I can come up with something on my own, but usually its just easier to use lyrics.
  18. nyxnstyx

    nyxnstyx Newcomer Game Owner

    I almost always use song titles or phrases. generally whatever might be stuck in my head or whatever song seems to fuel that characters muse at any given time.
  19. Lani

    Lani Newcomer

    I am really bad at coming up with thread titles. However, I generally lean on using song titles or cringe worthy puns
  20. DFedora

    DFedora Newcomer Game Owner

    I used to pick song titles, and sometimes still do, but now I mix things up with poetry. Mostly by using my degree and dipping into Old English poetry, exploring translated Arabic poetry, some Shakespeare, etc. Getting fake #highbrow about it, I guess. Sometimes they come out overly dramatic, but I'm usually pretty good at picking something that overall fits the theming I'm going for.