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  1. Invisie

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    See below.

    Hi! I'mma start my own topic because YAY, topics.

    I'm a Sie! I am 22, from New Jersey, and probably cray-cray. BUT I DON'T BITE, I PROMISE. I play poker, I work as a server, and I go to school at a lovely little community college where I am studying to have a Useless Degree (Associate in Science, liberal arts thing >_>). I might head off to a "real school" after this; I'm really not sure yet. :p I love to learn, but I am seriously underfunded and also, sometimes I do severely lack in the Motivation department. Otherwise, I love school and I'd probably keep going forever if I could just to get my learn on. I am basically the epitome of "jack of all trades, master of none." I am sort of halfway good at a lot of things and I have a lot of weird and random knowledge that doesn't seem to be related to other stuff but I'm not really, really good in one particular area. XD SO I FLAIL AROUND A LOT, and I basically have no idea what I want to do with my life. I have a new Great Idea approximately every three months. Tattoo artist, freelance webdesigner, computer tutor, writer... I should just put everything in a hat and draw randomly. 9_9

    I've been roleplaying for... uh, damn. A decade now. I got a computer in 1999, I jumped on a Pokemon chat as a Charizard and left as a werewolf, and I've been pretty much obsessed with playing wolves and werewolves since then. >_> Baaaack in the day, you may have seen me at Wild Wolf Society (the one back in the day; I played Stormy Blackwolf and Kaena Lykoi there :eek:), Grawl (I was a very short-lived mod thing there, I think; played Moira Drakyn there), Caged (I ran this one for a very short time with my frand; played Vitali Lattenkrahe there), Broken Dimension (was a kitty roleplay; I played a tiger named Emyrja), , Evolution (played Erik West there, and possibly Moira Drakyn. NOT SURE; also not sure which of the Evolution games I actually played at, durrhurrr), that damn zombie roleplaying game Kahilli made that I don't remember the name of (played Moira Drakyn here too!).

    More recently, I've only been at 'Souls, as well as Wolf (I played Rui Sarkazein for .2 seconds), and I also sort of float around at Black Shuck, though I've only played the fun games and not actually tried the roleplaying. >_> STILL, SHINY. :3 But of course, the 'Souls, where I've played way too many characters to even try listing them all. |: Notably, it's Stormy Blackwolf, Kaena Lykoi, and Rurik Russo there, though that's just the start of it. XD I made the game back in good old 2001 with the help of two of my friends, and I roleplayed there and adminned from 2001-2007, quit, and came back in 2009 and went crazy or something. >_> There's too much history to even go over there. Derrhurr.

    I like me some webdesign, and I like to chew on code and pretty things and play in Adobe Photoshop. I have my own thingamajig of resources, Tears, Bones & Desire, and you can find some helpful things over that way for PbP roleplaying. ^^; I have a personal domain, too, but beyond that I don't know that I'm involved too heavily anywhere other than here. XD Projects, I have them~

    So, uh, yes! I am Sie. I am friendly. I do have AIM and a few other random services -- my public twitter account is @thesleepyglow, and I use this thing to ramble about random stuff sometimes. :p If you want to talk to me, cool! I'm down. :D
  2. Railtus

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    A pleasure to meet you, Sie. I hope you have good luck with the site. :)
  3. Invisie

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    Let's try this again, with less fluff...

    I'm Sie, 25 in a month. I live in New Jersey. I work as a website manager for a local apparel company. I have a boyfriend of almost six years and a three-legged cat of ten plus years.

    I still play poker, write, draw, and so forth -- but my primary pursuit these days is computer things, with specific focus on the Internet, web design, and development. I'm still a scattershot jack of all trades, but at least I've narrowed it down a little bit.

    I roleplay and administrate at 'Souls RPG, operate Forum Roleplay, and have a few other small projects scattered there and there.

    I'm still friendly, just with (a lot) less emoticon. See you around!
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    Psh, bring on the fluff! You also forgot to mention that you're awesome.
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  5. Eve

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    'Souls... a very good friend of mine joined that a while back and I have been so tempted to join because I absolutely adore werewolves, but I am - admittedly - a little bit daunted by the site. It's huge, has been around forever, and everyone on there has characters connected to characters connected to characters. But it is a really great RPG, so mad respect to you for being an admin there.
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  6. Lady B

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    Hahaha... LOVE IT! I hear ya, Invisie. :) Ditto! Love how you put that "Jack of all trades, master of none". LOL.. LOVE IT! And so true, isn't it?
    I wish ya luck with life. College is fun. Was in my case. You will find something no doubt. Alas, sometimes it does take time. Oh, the irony in that, hmm?
    Amen! gotta love Adobe! I have Elements now. I had Photoshop Deluxue. Love my Elements now.
    Looking forward to some more stuff from ya. :)

    ~Lady B
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