Games Favourite Video Games and the Ones You're Playing Now

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  1. The Suikoden series! (2 is the best) Best RPG series ever.
  2. Jakolope

    Jakolope Newcomer Game Owner

    Katamari Damacy will always be my favorite, though I am also a long time Zelda fan! Super excited for Breath of the Wild, it looks very fun and open for a lot of play styles!
  3. TheDemonDoors
    Anime Lover

    TheDemonDoors Newcomer Game Owner

    Pokemon, Rune Factory, Harvest Moon and Story of Seasons. I'd say Return to Popolocrois but that game was just... Disappointing. Cute but disappointing.
  4. Stormhelm Kingdom

    Stormhelm Kingdom Newcomer Game Owner

    Elder Scrolls, Pokemon Go, XCOM: Enemy Unknown and a lot of Legend of Zelda.
  5. Idle Omens

    Idle Omens Newcomer Game Owner

    JRPGs, mostly. Currently attempting to play FFType-0 on Agito ........ please note the attempting. A fan of SMT and their many offshoots (Not really much of a Persona fan, but the older ones were fun.) And the glory of SNES RPGs, even if their translations left something to be desired.

    I have made a few games myself, as noted elsewhere, but ... most where simply self projects that went no where. I have a massive project that will need programmers and artists, all based on an old D&D Campaign.
  6. LadyLizard

    LadyLizard Newcomer

    I've never done a lot of gaming, but the one that I really like playing right now is Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag. I got it for my laptop around Christmas time last year but I never really got the time to play it until within the last few months and it's been a lot of fun.
  7. SymonDrayson

    SymonDrayson Resident Game Owner

    Fallout Series
    Elder Scrolls Series
    Total War Series
  8. Archaeon

    Archaeon Resident Game Owner

    I'm not really playing much of anything at the moment. We did pick up a copy of Worms for the PS4 which has been a bit of nostalgic fun. The one game that I am looking forward to with high hopes (but have relatively low expectations) is Final Fantasy XV. I loved the FF games up to around X or X-2 when I became a bit disillusioned with the whole thing. I tried FFType-0 not long after I got a PS4 but barely made it through the first 10mins before I set it aside in disgust. I'm hoping against hope that XV will rekindle my love for the series and will fill the RPG niche I have at the moment. I watched the film Kingsglaive the other night and was moderately enthused by the world. *fingers crossed*
  9. Will wlaker

    Will wlaker Newcomer Game Owner

    I play a lot of MAss Effect 2 and 3. I've recently been playing Halo Reach. I also play Civilizaiton VI and Anno 2205
  10. Jimlock

    Jimlock Newcomer Game Owner

    Metal Gear ...Twin Snakes and anything with Big Boss and Ocelot, Liquid ...
  11. LarxyAeria

    LarxyAeria Newcomer Game Owner

    I know it's overhyped..... but FF7. <3 I am in love with the game. But currently playing Bravely Second, Splatoon 2, and Final Fantasy 15.
  12. Sammiie
    Cracking up

    Sammiie Newcomer Game Owner

    The Fable series will always be my favorite. It's too bad they haven't really been putting out any new games. Might have to replay the old ones :D

    My faves are Skyrim, Fallout 4, The Sims 4, Far Cry Primal, and of course, GTA V
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  13. ohsith

    ohsith Pickle Game Owner

    KOTOR 1 + 2, the Mass Effect series, the Dragon Age series, the Uncharted series, The Last Of Us (SO cannot wait for part 2!!!), the Metal Gear series, the Arkham series, the Far Cry series... I could talk about games for days. Currently, I'm replaying South Park: The Stick of Truth, before tackling The Fractured But Whole
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  14. TheVineyard

    TheVineyard Newcomer Game Owner

    Xbox one Battlefield fosure
  15. Ladyvictorian

    Ladyvictorian Newcomer Game Owner

    I am playing Prey right now and waiting on the new Assassins Creed game. Also playing Ark on my pc. As for my favorite game hands down it's Bloodborne. I could play that game until I die and often times when I play that game I feel like dying so it's really a good fit. xD
  16. Naen

    Naen Newcomer Game Owner

    The Mount and Blade series is the video game series that got me so addicted I ended up stopping playing video games pretty much entirely.
  17. Solaris

    Solaris Newcomer Game Owner

    Ark and Destiny 2
  18. RachD
    Caffeine Fix

    RachD Resident Game Owner

    Right now I'm into Dead by Daylight and PUBG - hubs into PUBG, World of Tanks, and a couple others... kids are into Ark, Armello, and Overwatch... Lots of fun in our gamer household.
  19. RachD
    Caffeine Fix

    RachD Resident Game Owner

    Oh! And I should say that instead of just normal video games, my son who goes by Preachwill in Steam - he tries out all kinds of games, especially strategy based games and is always up for partners or giving advice or finding out about new games. Another son does VRChat, Don't Starve, and some others.

    I go by TMWNoob (we have a twitch stream ThisMeansWar72 - you know T.M.W.?) and we wind up streaming a lot of our gaming time. That's been a whole new amount of fun in and of itself.

    My son loves to use Discord and "DM" actual roleplaying games of ODAM (Of Dreams And Magic). It's an Urban Fantasy type of RPG that he picked up at GenCon. It's fascinating.

    So, yeah, lots of gaming going on. Does anyone else Stream or RPG via Discord?
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  20. tina

    tina Guest

    My favorite game since I was kid would be Harry Potter