Games Favourite Video Games and the Ones You're Playing Now

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  1. My favourite games are pretty much the Metal Gear Solid series, Super Smash Brothers series, and the Fallout Series. Yeah, I like a lot of Series games actually...Bioshock Series...Team Fortress 2...I'm playing New Vegas mostly right now, Guild Wars 2 quite a bit right now, and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance for the ninja samurais >_>
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  2. Lady B

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    I'm perhaps one of those rare oddballs who don't play video games. Never got into them actually.

    ~Lady B
  3. Meushell

    Meushell Resident Game Owner

    My favored games and characters...

    Chrono Trigger
    Favored PCs
    1. Marle
    2. Frog
    3. Lucca
    4. Ayla
    Favored NPCs
    1. Leene
    2. Kino
    3. Toma
    4. Cyrus

    Harvest Moon
    Favored PCs
    1. Claire
    (I really like the "New Beginning" main character, but the character is so customizable, it feels like cheating really count her as a character.)
    1. Amir / Skye (they are tied)
    2. Witch Princess (DS Cute version)
    3. Sanjay

    Zelda: Ocarina of Time
    (Well, there is only one played character, so I'm not going to separate them out. Lol.)
    1. Zelda
    2. Navi
    3. Link
    4. Epona

    Chaos Rings
    (All playable chars.)
    1. Ayuta
    2. Musiea
    3. Mana
    4. Eluca and Escher (tied)

    1. Rod
    2. T-block
    (Those are characters, right? Lol.)

    Off and on playing Tetris. Not playing the others right now.
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  4. I really enjoyed Dragon Age. I also enjoyed playing Dune (the original) and Leisure Suit Larry, simcity, sims, sims 2 (though sims 3 is really bugging me), Civ II, Civ4, Civ5, simcity 200, simcity 4, Lord of the Rings Online, Guild Wars, Guild Wars 2, Animal Crossing DS, Theme Park, Theme Hospital (patients are asked not to die in the corridors). Plenty of other games. I dont have many games I didnt enjoy on some level.

    Right now I have installed the original sims again, but am frustrated at the small window I play it in. How did I ever game on 800x600 pixels???

    I am also playing GW2 whenever we can (we're on Aurora Glade in case anyone is interested).

    Other than that, we have little time to game at the moment. Though Five is often playing Skyrim these days... When winter is here, and we have long evenings ahead of us, in our new house... then we will hopefully play GW2 and Dragon Age again.
  5. wickedleaf

    wickedleaf Newcomer

    I'm still slowly trying to make my way through Dragon Age and Skyrim, but it's hard to find the time to sit down and play for any length of time. I usually end up abandoning it for a while, then need to start over because I don't remember what was going on. @__@

    I really, really love Alice: Madness Returns, though I still need to beat it.

    And I'm a bit of a WoW head, though less so nowadays.

    If I could, I'd play Harvest Moon twelve hours per day.

    ... but the lack of time thing is mostly why I like PBP games the most, since it's easy to squeeze in a post or two on a lunch break or between homework assignments.
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  6. ... as I am doing now :P One post up during lunch time!
  7. Calico

    Calico Newcomer

    Skyrim :D I just like the Elder Scrolls games. I love roleplaying, wandering around finding shit, crafting, and then leveling my sneak to 100 and sniping them all with a bow. ;)

    Also Minecraft because crafting things while trying not to get eaten at night by zombies is a strange sort of fun xD
  8. RiseOfTheG

    RiseOfTheG Newcomer Game Owner

    Metal gear is one of my favorite series! I haven't played Revengence yet how is it?
  9. Zozma

    Zozma Spider Demon Game Owner

    The last game I played was The Last Of Us. Other than it being hard as heck, I really loved it! (Also I suck at shooting in any game, so that's partly why it was so difficult for me but the story was so worth it to me.)
  10. VirusZero

    VirusZero Resident Game Owner

    Metal Gear Rising is pretty fun... But you have to learn the parry mechanic to play on anything more than easy. Otherwise the enemies (bosses especially) will tear you to shreds. And despite the fact you play as a super-powered cyborg that can do all these crazy feats like fling 2 story tall robots around with ease, Raiden seems like he takes a ton of damage really quickly and easily (another case of cutscene power to the max).

    As for games I've been playing... I finished Saints Row the Third not too long ago. And I started Persona 4:Golden (though I haven't gotten that finished yet.) I kind of paused playing it and went back to Uncharted: Golden Abyss.
  11. NekoHime

    NekoHime Newcomer

    Pokemon X enough said xD
  12. Krause

    Krause Newcomer

    My favorite game is Dragon Age Origins, I love the entire series and I can't wait for Inquisition to come out. I play pokemon games when they come out, but quickly forget about them when I finish playing the latest versions. I really enjoy WoW and League of Legends too, so they're pretty fun.

    I play exclusively on my PC (well, not the pokemon bit obviously).
  13. Danjeresque

    Danjeresque Newcomer

    My brother rarely let's me get on the consoles.

    But we have a PS3 and a 360 in our apartment. From that, you can probably guess I've played Skyrim and it ate my soul. I get constant itches to play, but the last time I did I was hooked for a week. Ugh. I've also played a lot of the Sims games. And uh, Payday2 although, I suck at most first person shooters.

    I am obsessed with the Bioshock games though. I lovelovelovelove the story behind each. So great. Ugh. Might have to do that tomorrow night.
  14. Spiffy

    Spiffy Newcomer

    My life has been Pokemon lately. I've always been really fond of those little pixelated style rpg-maker horror games though. Yume Nikki is one of my favourites, but it's for a certain type of person, considering how vague it is. Same goes for The Path - Great, but reallllyyy obscure gameplay. Don't Starve has proved to be pretty sweet too.
  15. Jcc0450

    Jcc0450 Newcomer

    You should try Call of Duty: Ghosts...
  16. Favorite games ever have got to the the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic series, and the Half-Life/Portal series. Mass Effect is great too, and I've got dozens of other favorites(I play a lot of games, or at least I used to), but those are the ones that instantly come to mind. The most recent games I played through were Bioshock 1 and 2. 1 was great, 2 was meh, I hope to play Infinite soon.

    Currently playing through Brutal Legend and Quantum Conundrum.
  17. hyacintho

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    Pokemon <3, but I've been playing the Assassin Creed games starting with the first one. Gah, Altair why can't you swim?
  18. Draegon

    Draegon Newcomer

    My favourite at the moment has to be Bioshock Infinite. At the mo I'm playing Assassin's Creed 4 (I only bought it to pirate a ship....)
  19. Helixagon

    Helixagon Resident Game Owner

    Bravely Default. It's sooo good. Reminds me of Dragon Quest IX. Just a lot of fun with trying out new classes, and mixing and matching your party to create new setups. They're constantly throwing new classes at you too, so the novelty hasn't worn off so far. The music is also fantastic.
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  20. SG2Tiger

    SG2Tiger Newcomer

    I've been playing games since as long as I can remember. First system I ever had was the original fat grey Gameboy, with Tetris and Super Mario Land...and a loooot more, of course. Then we (we being me and my brother, who pretty much had to share all our games growing up) got a Sega Genesis, and every new Gameboy when those came out...after the Genesis though we were pretty much always on Nintendo's side, with N64 and GameCube, then Wii...I've always regretted never having a Playstation because we were always a one-console house back then, and as an adult I just don't have the time or money to justify it right now.

    These days I mostly play DS and 3DS games. Currently playing the English patch of Fire Emblem 12 (DS), and procrastinating on my file of Soul Hackers (3DS). Since I'm in an FE mood right now I think I'll probably pick up FE: Awakening when I finish what I'm playing now, because I haven't yet.

    As for favorites, I've aways been a big fan of the Zelda and Pokemon series'. I've recently become a fan of Shin Megami Tensei titles, but as I said, I never owned any Sony consoles so there's still a lot in the series I have yet to play (including the ever-popular Persona titles). I tend to be fond of JRPGs the most, and am in the process of creating my own with RPG Maker...the very, very slow process ^^;