Games Favourite Video Games and the Ones You're Playing Now

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  1. Twisted

    Twisted Newcomer

    I really love World of Warcraft my self. I don't play many video games, but every now and then I will play Call of Duty too :)
  2. Ktulu

    Ktulu Newcomer

    Skyrim and Pokémon are definitely my top games!
  3. I've been into a lot of old, old school stuff lately. I am currently playing through Seiken Densetsu 3 but I also enjoy the more obscure JRPGS from the past like Mystic Ark or Treasure of the Rudras. For my money, they just offer such a rich and immersive experience.
  4. DJVoxel

    DJVoxel Newcomer Game Owner

    I'm not sure about the rest of you, but I had a lot of fun playing Destiny. Some of the other games up there are Minecraft, Super Smash Bros., Pokemon, PvZ Garden Warfare, and Dragon Quest.
  5. Stormblade

    Stormblade Newcomer

    Atm I'm completely and hopelessly addicted to the borderlands series. It makes my happy place happy.
  6. I'm a big harvest moon player and I'm currently playing the Story of Seasons game through, 90 hours in and still nowhere near finished xD
  7. SlumLord

    SlumLord Newcomer Game Owner

    Baldur's Gate
    Knights of the Old Republic
    Wing Commander IV

    Playing now:
    Age of Empires II
    Dying Light
    Rebel Space
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  8. I'm in the middle of playing KotOR. It's great so far, except for a few little niggles. But that's what comes with playing older games.

    I just finished my third Phoenix Wright game. I've been playing them in order and enjoying them immensely. I also played the crowdfunded Detective Grimoire game. It was pretty good!
  9. I am playing a silly game called Monstania. It's hardly a world crushingly great game but it's a lot of fun!
  10. Stormie

    Stormie Newcomer

    I'm currently in love with Until Dawn. But I love the Assassins Creed games and I'm SO excited for Fallout 4 to come out <3
  11. So many games and so little time!
  12. Brittlez

    Brittlez Resident Game Owner

    Skyrim :D and also Omega Ruby
  13. PsySneks

    PsySneks Newcomer Game Owner

    I've been playing alot of games lately, Been grinding away in monster hunter 4 and fire emblem awakening (hyped for fates). On pc I've been addicted to rainbow six siege, elsword, warframe, and a bunch of other games. Also started getting into Visual novels lately. So ya lots of stuff.
  14. Kieran

    Kieran Resident Game Owner


    The Lion King, Aladdin, Tiny Toons Adventures: Buster's Hidden Treasure, Alien 3, Mickey Mouse & Donald Duck: World of Illusion, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Altered Beast. Just to mention a few.


    Worpath: Jutassic Park


    Crazy Taxi and The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.

    NES & N64

    Super Mario Bros 1, 2 and 3.

    Though not video games, I must mention:

    The Commander Keen series, mainly Episodes 4 and 5, for PC.
    The fan made Episodes 7, 8 and 9 are great as well.
    And Wacky Wheels!

    Boulder Dash, Wizard of Wor and Bubble Bobble for C64, to mention a few.
  15. I finished Fallout 4 twice over, and now I'm eagerly awaiting the promised DLC which will make me play it over once again.
  16. cattigan
    Caffeine Fix

    cattigan Newcomer Game Owner

    Favourite Games: Harry Potter ones (nostalgia man), Dragon Age, Assassin's Creed, KotOR, SWTOR...

    Currently Playing: SWTOR, Dragon Age: Inquisition (for about the 4th time), The Witcher 3
  17. Tessatore

    Tessatore Newcomer

    Final Fantasy series is my all time favorite.

    Sims Medieval is what I'm fiddiling around on right now. xD
  18. Annastasia

    Annastasia Newcomer

    Favorite games in order:

    1. The World Ends With You
    2. Devil Surviver 2
    3. Kingdom Hearts 358 days over 2
    4. Okamiden
    5. Pheonix Wright: Ace Attourney
    6. Nine hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors
    7. The Nameless Game
    8. Blaze Blue: Calamity Trigger
    9. Mortal Kombat X
    10. Final Fantasy
  19. Archaeon

    Archaeon Resident Game Owner

    I started playing Tales from the Borderlands this afternoon and I'm absolutely loving it. I love the sarcasm and the twisted humour. The original games are great fun, but the interactive story aspect of Tales is totally different. I'm thoroughly enjoying it.
  20. AcrossTimeAndSpace

    AcrossTimeAndSpace Newcomer Game Owner

    *cracks her knuckles* okay where to begin I have no clue so I'm dive right on in! Right now I am currently play Fallout 4, Star Wars Battlefront, destiny! The series I would recommend to anyone would first be Bioshock! If you like something with a good twist and great action then start at one and work your way to infinite which is just awesome! I have been a huge fan since I got the first one in high school.

    Next the fallout series is one of those you will always love because the music takes you back in time when really you are going into the future. The story lines will be one that will suck you in with tons of fun game play! With the 4th one just coming out I will say I have already spent about 100-200 hours already. Yet i've only scratched the surface! The same goes for the other bethesda games such as elder scrolls & Skyrim! Try any of them and be happy.

    If you are looking for a good RPG series then head to Mass effect which has endless fun and you can get ready for the new one they are going to release!

    Another series that is fun to play by yourself or with a group is Borderlands 1 & 2 but I would suggest not to play the prequel that just seemed to be a joke! Or you could look towards epic games and pick up the trilogy Gears of war series to play with friends. Tons of hours with screaming, laughing and probably more screaming! XD

    I could go on and on but if you just want to hit me up for more ideas I can suggest games for the xbox, ps3 , Nintendo or whatever system you have cause I pretty much own them all XD
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