Favorite fantasy creatures?

Discussion in 'Role-Play Discussion' started by Aisling, Oct 8, 2020.

  1. Kiwi

    Kiwi Newcomer

    We're looking into pets soon for our site, and I think a jackalope is honestly a super cute and underrated fantasy animal, as simple as it is! I've never really done rabbit RPs but I think a jackalope RP would have a lot of potential.

    Can't beat dragons though, really!
  2. MeganChan

    MeganChan Resident Game Owner

    Hmm, I like mermaids, shapeshifters, and dragons.
  3. bluejay

    bluejay Newcomer

    i've been stuck on minotaurs lately, but i think my favorite would be dragons
  4. Navarre

    Navarre Newcomer

    ooo man this is hard. I would have to say Unicorns, Griffons, Hippocampus, And any one of James Cameron's fantasy beasts from Pandora [Avatar].
  5. Sway

    Sway Newcomer

    I have to say that my favorite fantasy creature is a Phoenix. They're reborn from their ashes, and to be reborn again in fire, renewed with new life seems like a great way to view yourself, especially when life gets you down.
  6. shark

    shark Newcomer

    To play: Little guys, like faeries and gnomes, or semiaquatic creatures, like selkies or sirens
  7. Dragons for sure! I enjoy them as NPCs or as playable companions usually. If I'm a DM though, I enjoy the RP aspect of them.
  8. Cirago

    Cirago Resident Patron

    Count me in for gryphons! The classic lion/eagle mix is fun, but what I really love is how creative you can get by mashing together just about any bird and mammal! Everything from a fox/phoenix gryphon to a snowy owl/snow leopard mix, to a hummingbird/mouse :)

    Intelligent beasties are always super fun as NPCs. As for PCs, I have to admit, opposable thumbs really are too good to let go XD but my favorite would be having a shifter type of magical beast, that has a human (or at least, humanoid) form for easier interaction with other races in a setting.
  9. Siren

    Siren Newcomer Game Owner

    Dragons and sirens!
  10. TheDoorman

    TheDoorman Newcomer

    Definitely dragons. There are several dragon characters I play, and I enjoy having them sometimes 'forget' what shape they're in when they're in human form. I also like messing with the idea of what it means to have a hoard, and basically make them into big weird nerds with "territoriality" / personal space issues.

    Looking at this another way, I enjoy introducing chimeras in a fight scene because they're so dynamic. They produce threats from so many angles that I find more free-form players will have their characters take some hits and be happy to do that, and I enjoy that level of give-and-take.
  11. sef

    sef Newcomer

    vampires own my heartt
  12. Gwendalyn

    Gwendalyn Newcomer

    Werewolves and demons