Favorite fantasy creatures?

Discussion in 'Role-Play Discussion' started by Aisling, Oct 8, 2020.

  1. Aisling

    Aisling Newcomer Game Owner

    From Dragons, to mermaids; wendigos, werewolves... there are so many fantasy creatures out there. What are your favorites - even if they are a bit odd or rare?

    Do you prefer them being NPCs or do you like roleplaying with them/as them?
  2. Boneshakers

    Boneshakers Newcomer Game Owner

    Werewolves... aroooooo!
  3. Fell

    Fell Newcomer

    I have recently gotten my butt addicted to a witch character I play, but I also love, werewolves, vampires, but I haven't done many others...though Shapeshifters are especially fun.
  4. mythandmen

    mythandmen Newcomer

    I love my classics - werewolves, vampires, etc. They never get old for me. But I also really enjoy fae-people (fairies), mermaids, and anything I can either be really dark with or super mischievous with. I much prefer rping them than keeping them as npc's. But on a horror site? NPC ghosts or anonymous ghost character accounts can really add a scare.
  5. Plato
    Caffeine Fix

    Plato Newcomer Game Owner

    The Mothman - if it counts.
    Otherwise, I like mermaids and sirens quite a lot!
  6. North

    North Newcomer

    I haven't directly played any, but I enjoy original creatures and dragons. As for rping them myself...it depends? If they are constantly around and intelligent, I might make a full character of them/ask someone to if it fits in the world. But if they are like...my character's dog...then I will probably just keep them as an npc.

    I also like a good vampire or werewolf too lol
  7. Sprite

    Sprite Newcomer Game Owner

    Flying creatures, dragons, griffons, especially if my character can ride them :)
  8. royal_poet

    royal_poet Newcomer Game Owner

    I love any aquatic creatures really. And faeries.
  9. Werewolves and fallen angels are always a win for me.
  10. Zozma

    Zozma Spider Demon Game Owner

    I've always loved playing shifters.
  11. FerociousUniverse

    FerociousUniverse Newcomer Game Owner

    I would have to say werewolves, hands down. Close seconds would be mages and fae.
  12. NyxDarklore

    NyxDarklore Newcomer Game Owner

    I'm a big fan of the standard fare - Elves, Werewolves, Demons, Angels, Vampires, and what have you but I also don't mind seeing some more unusual beasties or ones that are rarely seen on sites these days like Ciguapa, Djinn, etc.
  13. Squishy24601

    Squishy24601 Resident Game Owner

    The fae win, hands down! If we're getting more specific, redcaps and the leanan sidhe, though I do love kelpies. If I had to pick a non-faerie fantasy creature, it would be a vampire.
  14. ElusionRpStaff

    ElusionRpStaff Newcomer Game Owner

    I think hippogrifs and griffons don't get enough love! Also, manticores! So cool!
  15. Kendra

    Kendra Newcomer

    Werewolves. I think they're not given as much credit as they're due.
  16. Pepper

    Pepper Newcomer

    Dragons. I LOVE dragons.
  17. hitokuchiroleplay

    hitokuchiroleplay Newcomer Game Owner

    I'm a sucker for Japanese yokai, demons, and spirits. I have a whole banded clan of them I like to toss into rps for some amazing chaos lol.
  18. Pox924

    Pox924 Newcomer

    Werewolves, hands down. I have a huuuuuge love for playing them too
  19. Imagecorrupted

    Imagecorrupted Newcomer Game Owner

    I'm a sucker for the small fantasy creatures like pixies or gnomes. I also like Dragons, however, for fun, I always go for the smalls. xD
  20. Divia

    Divia Newcomer

    Vampires and Elves are my favorite fantasy creatures.