Everlong Awakening (Discussion)

Discussion in 'Game News & Discussions' started by Dantalion, Nov 22, 2018.

  1. 11/26/18
    Our first Plot Event has been posted! Please make sure to post in the event to gain some rewards!

    Citizens have been disappearing in the Everlong Kingdom! While many claim that these people 'vanished' without a trace, the King is certain someone or something is behind the disappearances. Rest assured, the Kingdom is working day and night to find these missing people and to put a stop to this horrific tragedy. If anyone has any information regarding the disappearances, the Kingdom requests that you send a note by bird Pokemon immediately.

    - King Leopald sul'Makub
  2. 12/25/2018

    On the coldest night of the year many people gather and sit by the hearth staying warm, getting drunk and enjoying other's companies. The pubs and inns of the Imperial City are crowded with laughter and merriment while those at home fill the air with stories of the Delibird who leave presents for good children but steals the naughty children from their bed on the eve of Winter Solstice.

    Please enjoy celebrating this tradition with other citizens of the Everlong Kingdom in our Event Board!

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