Everlong Awakening

Medieval Pokemon

There was a time a long ago when the Kingdom of Everlong was a peaceful land. Ever since the Prince roused up the people, they've started to realize just how off the land is.

First of all, nobody has ever left or entered the Kingdom. And secondly, there's never been any advancement in centuries - not since the Pokeball.

Because of this, the Prince has declared war on his father claiming that he would take the throne and help it’s people advance. So it began, the Prince and a handful of followers left to the outskirts of the Kingdom to build up an army. All who supported the Prince were declared enemies of the Kingdom and made outlaws as well.

Now it’s up to you. Do you support the Prince and wish to help him take over the Kingdom? Perhaps you support the King in keeping with the old ways? Maybe you wish to stay out of the war as long as you possibly can. Will you be awakened? The choice is yours.

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