Coffee or tea?

Discussion in 'Chatterbox' started by Daenelia, Aug 25, 2013.


Tea or Coffee

  1. Tea

    91 vote(s)
  2. Coffee

    82 vote(s)
  3. Water?

    29 vote(s)
  1. Larks

    Larks Fresh Blood

    i'm really surprised tea is winning over coffee
  2. odd

    odd Newcomer Game Owner

    Like most, it really depends on the time of day. Coffee in the morning, tea in the evenings <3
  3. StormyWays13
    Apple Fan

    StormyWays13 Newcomer Game Owner

    I love both, but if I had to choose it would be coffee. I drink coffee in the morning and then tea in the afternoon.
  4. RachD
    Caffeine Fix

    RachD Resident Game Owner

    Def depends on time of day and mood...
  5. Kingbird
    Dr Pepper Addict

    Kingbird Newcomer Game Owner

    Tea, usually. Unless it's below zero and I'm running on not enough sleep. Then there's nothing like a hot coffee, I think.
  6. inkbone

    inkbone Newcomer

    Coffee, hands down.

    Sorry, I definitely can't stand dead leaf water!
  7. Captain Luna

    Captain Luna Newcomer Game Owner

    I love both, but I do grab the coffee first thing in the morning. :)
  8. ModernNations

    ModernNations Newcomer Game Owner

    Depends on the time of the day... mornig coffe and afternoon tea.
  9. lexibean

    lexibean Newcomer

    Definitely coffee. Just got a new machine, and it is sweeeet.
  10. Muse

    Muse Newcomer Game Owner

    Coffee more than tea but I still like a good tea. And water. So—all three?
  11. Amanda M Roberts

    Amanda M Roberts Newcomer Game Owner

    Tea... specifically Chai tea <3
  12. Aegis

    Aegis Newcomer

    Coffee to get going. Tea to keep it going.
  13. Ahnkella

    Ahnkella Newcomer Game Owner

    I'm a Brit, so tea handsdown.
  14. Drake

    Drake Newcomer Game Owner

    Tea is my goto.
    Coffee doesn't suit well with my stomach.
  15. Terrea

    Terrea Newcomer

    Can I... vote for both? ^^; I'm fond of coffee as an everyday beverage, but tea has a lot of health benefits when just consumed by itself. Plus I've found a lot of tasty types. Hnnnng...
  16. Gotta go with tea. Unless the coffee is in the form of like, a frappucino, or highly sweetened ice coffee.
  17. While I rarely drink coffee, I prefer tea over it due to some beneficial effects on my body.

    Plus, coffee doesn't want me to fall asleep at the right time, obviously.
  18. KhFanWriter9
    No Mood

    KhFanWriter9 Resident Game Owner

    Rasberry tea please for me, or hot chocolate with no whipcream.
  19. tophermr

    tophermr Newcomer Game Owner

    My coffee has to be very sweet for me to love it and not really a fan of tea, unless it's Sweet Tea
  20. I love both, but currently my preference is coffee during the summer. During fall and winter I really dig tea.