Coffee or tea?

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Tea or Coffee

  1. Tea

    101 vote(s)
  2. Coffee

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  3. Water?

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  1. Are you a coffee or tea person?

    I consider myself a tea drinker, but at work I mainly drink coffee. I really like Earl Grey, but in the morning I like to have tea with lemon for breakfast. It just goes well with breakfast.

    As far as coffee goes, we have a neat espresso maker, and I like my coffee strong no sugar. I don't enjoy the sugary coffee-flavoured drinks they serve in say starbucks, which is slowly taking over Holland as well. I did try, but omg, those beverages have nothing to do with coffee for me.

    I will stick to my dark roast espressos. With a dash of milk.
  2. Copycat

    Copycat Newcomer Game Owner

    I may or may not be drinking tea right now. I'm kind of a teaholic, actually. I prefer it to soda, can't stand the dark stuff, and honey goes with it all too well. Maybe it's just me, but a cup of green tea or peppermint is more than enough to wake me up for the day.
  3. Eve

    Eve Resident

    Neither. I voted water, but I don't really drink much of that either. I like juice and flavored drinks. Apple, mango, passion fruit, cranberry, and lemonade mostly. I'm drinking watermelon lemonade right now and it is divine.
  4. Nothing wrong with flavoured drinks! That is why I like lemon tea! And all the other flavoured teas. But I guess if it is the tea-element you don't like, you can easily enjoy juice and flavoured drinks ;)

    It's funny that green tea is something I can't get into. But yes to tea+honey: I know of no better way to beat a cold.
  5. Lady B

    Lady B Guest

    Hahahaha.... can't pick. I drink all of them. :) Well... coffee I won't drink just a black cup of joe, it's usually some specialty coffee like a mocha latte or a frappécino. Even love chai tea. :)
    I have denouced soda and LOVE tea! I drink a LOT of tea, mainly iced tea. Some sweet tea. But I LOVE Teavana! What a WONDERFUL store!!! I want to try that Strawberry Rose Champagne, but every time I visit the store... THEY ARE OUT! Oh, well. I like Earl Grey's best and currently am trying the Earl Grey Créme and Chateau Blanc. I like them. I like black teas, but white teas are pretty good, too. Not all super keen about green teas but will drink them.
    Water! love Fiji water.. but LOVE Perrier water! I love making my own Italian sodas with seltzer water or Perrier. I like even the Lorina French Sodas as they are something like an Italian soda.
    Again, I've given up pop like Coke, Dr Pepper, etc. They are BAD news! I gave them up because I started getting sick from them. And have felt SO MUCH BETTER since giving them up! :)

    So... ALL OF THEM! :D

    ~Lady B
  6. Elena

    Elena Resident Game Owner

    I am a coffee-based lifeform!
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  7. Eferhilda

    Eferhilda Newcomer Game Owner

    Coffee. I can't stand the weird aftertaste of tea. :P
  8. Obstaff

    Obstaff Newcomer

    Oh god, tea is like the best thing know to man. I loooove every kind of tea...except stuff with licorice. That stuff is nasty!
  9. Dreamer2012

    Dreamer2012 Newcomer

    I love tea, most definitely. But I also drink a lot of water. Especially water with lemon.
  10. Why isn't there a both option... I drink both in equally excessive amounts. :c
  11. Meushell

    Meushell Resident Game Owner

    I voted water. I drink that more than tea. I don't drink coffee. That stuff is nasty.
  12. Invisie

    Invisie internet forever Curator

    Coffee if I have to pick, but energy drinks and Monster otherwise. /15-year-old
  13. Eewww. I can only drink energy drinks if they're coffee-flavored. :D;;
  14. Shriker

    Shriker Shadowlack Owner RPGfix Admin Patron Game Owner

    Decaf tea, mostly.

    I'm bad with caffeine and energy drinks (a "5-hour Energy" drink kept me awake and wired for two days straight). Although I do enjoy espresso on occasion. I've never been able to handle drinking stimulants like that with any kind of regularity. I'm wired and high-energy enough as it is. :P
  15. I don't ever drink Coffee, I haven't had coffee in probably eleven years or so. Tea on the other hand I do so enjoy, I went tea snob a few years ago, started using loose leaf tea, special brewers, man I got right into it xD
  16. Rivers

    Rivers Fresh Blood

    I like tea more. Iced coffee is great, but there's nothing like tea on a cold day or at night.
  17. I don't much care for either. I'm a 'grab-a-soda-first-thing' type. I will drink cappuccino, and I don't mind tea, but I won't go out of my way for them.
  18. Iztak

    Iztak Resident Game Owner

    I have a cup of hot green tea almost every morning. My husband makes fancy coffee in the french press sometimes, and so I'll drink it if he makes it. :) I feel like 'going out for coffee' is a silly expensive luxury that makes weekdays seem fun and like I'm on tv, so I like that.

    Favorite tea quote from Uncle Iroh: This isn't tea! This is just hot leaf water!
  19. NekoHime

    NekoHime Newcomer

    Tea with like 50% milk and 10% sugar
  20. Lux

    Lux Newcomer

    My mother and sister are both coffee drinkers, and would spend mornings sitting and drinking coffee together. I felt a little left out on that front, and tried to like coffee... I just cant.

    When I moved to England, I really tried to get into the tea thing. Just like coffee, I can't like it. Admittedly, I haven't tried ALL teas, though.