Building a Comprehensive List of RPG Advertising Websites?

Discussion in 'Role-Play Discussion' started by PBEMsuggest, Mar 2, 2019.

  1. Teneo Lupum

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    I can suggest several RP hubs on Discord where you can post ads for 1x1, groups, or look for specific servers. Just not sure if that's okay?
  2. Sprite

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  3. KhFanWriter9
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    I like to add some. Still newish, it's been a week for my forum Evening Festivities where there's a Directory Spot sub-forum for fellow rpg forums of any content level just story, or mature to post along with sharing buttons, and having an option to create a button for those that don't have one yet.

    Link below in my sig. You can't miss it.

    Besides here I use Black Daliea to share my forums, and use a site called Forum Roleplay that is another directory site.
  4. yoloiam

    yoloiam Newcomer

    Oh, this is great!
  5. Pegasus

    Pegasus Resident Game Owner

    This is really useful - thank you!
  6. RedSky

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    WOW! What an amazing list! Thank you!
  7. NascentRP

    NascentRP Newcomer

    This is a great idea, there's a shortage of info especially for people getting into RP
  8. nemesi5

    nemesi5 Newcomer

    These are awesome, thanks for the list of resources!
  9. A bit late to the party, but wow! Thank you for all the hard work on this! Even if most of the links may not be active anymore, what ones still are are a fantastic resource!
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