Building a Comprehensive List of RPG Advertising Websites?

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    I notice there isn't a comprehensive listing for places to find and/or advertise advertise RPGs. The closest thing I've been able to find is this article "10 Places To Advertise Your PBEM Roleplaying Game" from It hasn't been updated since 2014 and many of the listed websites are no longer active.

    Would anyone be interested in helping compile an up-to-date list of advertising websites for roleplaying games? I have a list of blogs, mailing lists, websites, etc. that I use to find new RPGs which might be a good starting point. I think it'd be very handy to have a complete list for lurkers such as myself.
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    One of my friends (@Invisie) maintains a fairly up to date list/info, which is really the only reason why I haven't incorporated such a thing at RPGfix. :) I'd totally be up for compiling our own sort of list for our resources section though. (Also, pfft to that old list; missing RPGfix when we've been around since 2009.)

    Good starting point:
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    Here is what I have. I'd love to hear from others if I'm missing anything.


    Play-By-Email (PBEM)
    • Greg Lindahl's PBM List: This is the oldest-known website to advertise RPGs. I've been following PBEM games listed here for many years and is by far my favorite resource.
    • This website replaced the now-defunct (1996-2005) which was the go-to website for many RPGers during the early days of the internet. It's not as active as the original website but has a very easy submission system. The only hitch is that you need to keep re-posting ads every seven days.
    Yahoo! Groups
    • RPG Player Sanctuary: This is the biggest and longest-running mailing list for all types of RPG games. Its a private forum but you can join via e-mail instead of making a Yahoo account. (Update: The group moved to in Nov. 2019)
    • RPG Finder: This is a similar list I follow. Although its smaller and not as active as RPG Player Sanctuary it's open to the general public.
    These are mostly inactive but the public groups often have archives that can be viewed without a subscription.

    Google Groups

    Directory websites
    Resource websites

    Tumblr blogs

    Online Directories

    (continued below...)
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    Social Media
    These websites host RPGs on their own servers.



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  5. RachD
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    Wow! Thank you for all of these! It's difficult to find anything on when it comes to advertising, so I have to seek outside of it. I've found several other PBEM/writing/roleplay groups there, but nothing for advertising yet.
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  6. Wolfe

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    Seconding the thanks, I appreciate the effort that went into this and y'all for sharing it. Kudos to you.
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    Wow this is a great thread. Thanks!
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    This Link is dead, it's supposed to redirect to The Roleplayground but somehow I cannot reach it?
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    @PBEMsuggest M @Lancar Looks like it's a Discord invite link that has expired, so someone with invite permissions in that group will need to generate a new link.
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  11. PBEMsuggest

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    This seriously just saved me ages of time. Thanks!
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  14. Archivist

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    This is awesome, kudos and thanks for doing this.
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  15. Drew

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    Thank you all so, so much for these resources!
  16. Vee

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    Woah, I'm glad I stumbled on this! It'll be something to keep an eye on. I was going to add RP-Society, but I see that someone already did. These resources are going to go to good use, I'm sure!
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    Thank you for this list!
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    This has been super useful, thank you.
  19. RachD
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    If you guys have any further suggestions for this thread, please add them! I need them! :cheers:

    We're only helping each other out! I know all Yahoo groups are busted now, so the other directories and advertising groups have gone or they have created their own forums.

    I would like to offer to do the same - creating a advertising and affiliate group, I will definitely update you on this over the next month!
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