We are in Noir

A unique powers roleplay with a futuristic sci-fi twist.

It's New Year's Day in Pinnacle City. Citizens celebrate the beginning of 2272 even though a war wages on outside the city's walls. Around noon, a rift tears the sky apart. Its light illuminates the city.

Suddenly, citizens in Lowtown disappear within a transparent barrier. No one can contact them. No one has left the barrier.It's 2022 inside the barrier. Citizens no longer remember their life in Pinnacle City, but a life in Grand Rapids, MI. A voice in their head keeps them from leaving the barrier. They've roles to play.

Though, the citizens are not alone. There are others there - people from the rift. These people aren't like the people in Pinnacle City. They have amazing, sometimes terrifying, powers. And yet, they're under the same spell.

They can't leave.

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