Vaioa Weyr

"Realistic" Semi-Canon Pern RPG

Vaioa Weyr is a semi-canon Pern RP set a bare Turn before the first Threadfall of the 5th Pass. The desert Weyr has a profitable Minehold inside its Bowl that produces pure copper ore for use all over the Northern continent. Vaioa maintains a "realistic" canon feel while keeping a relaxed writing atmosphere.

All skill levels and types of characters are more than welcome to join in on our frequent site events. While the main boards are PG and open to All Ages, we do have passworded sub-boards for Restricted (18+) writing.

All hatchlings are customized completely for characters through the use of our innovative Candidate Questionnaire. We try to be as fair as can possible when passing out "shinies," but don't doubt that all our dragons are special!