AU Star Wars RPG Mando S2 2+ Years

VAGABOND CODE - AU Star Wars RPG Mando S2 2+ Years

Political tensions are rising. The New Republic Senate is fighting hard to put regulations on bacta, hoping it will increase their supply to better help the relief efforts in Imperial City on Coruscant. But the Corporate Sector is fighting back; the bacta companies placing a tighter hold on their bacta. With conflict arising and infighting galore, a recent assassination of a New Republic Senator has sparked outrage among the politicians. Centrists are coming out and louder than ever. Populists are quickly losing ground. The possibility of another assassination is high as the political conflict continues, with neither side budging. It's only a matter of time before the galaxy begins to suffer, and the Corporate Sector doesn't seem to care.

Lurking on the edges of Wild Space, from within the Unknown Regions, a new threat rises, and the Chiss Ascendancy has arrived.

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