USS Tesla

Starfleets first line of defence!

The USS Tesla, Obsidian Fleets only Merian class starship is a speciality sim based on a rapid response vessel (Starfleet's version of a first responder).

Our stories are based around search and rescue operations, disaster relief efforts and front line defence of Federation borders. This includes the technical and physical challenges involved, the moral dilemmas they cause and the emotional consequences of our actions. Each mission is split over three distinct episodes designed to give each department on board their chance to shine and everyone's character room to grow.

Taking stylistic elements and visual queues from the recent Star Trek Picard series our aim is to bring StarTrek RP up to date and provide players with a more modern experience. To back this up we have a set of Emergency Holographic Officers, modernised ship designs, shiny new uniforms and we are purpose built to use the Quantum Slipstream Drive.

We are a new sim and we are currently looking for talented players with a range of experience and skills to fill our ranks and help us tell our stories. Our aim is to create an inclusive community regardless of gender, race or orientation. Anyone is welcome to join us as long as you love telling stories as much as we do!

I'd like to invite you to check out our shiny new website and if you have any questions or would like help with anything Tesla related you are welcome to join us on Discord for a chat.

Current storyline:

The Tesla is currently docked at Starbase 50 on restricted operations. We have a situation where art is imitating life as this is the time when the crew comes together. Not only are we meeting out of character but we're meeting in character as well, spending time forging friendships and learning each other flaws and strengths before we venture into the unknown. Once we have enough players we'll be doing a brief test mission before starting our first season story arc.

Our current position is a perfect onboarding point for new players and those seeking a new home for their characters.

Future plans:

There is a great and engaging mission planned for when we finish shakedown.

The Tesla is tasked with locating a missing Admiral and survivors from a Romulan attack that occurred during relief efforts over five years ago.

The mission will delve into post Hobus politics, feelings about Starfleet and their treatment of the Romulans. We will also uncover some shady new players that have emerged since the Borg invasion of 2381 and the effect their presence has had on both the Romulans and the Federation.

There will be great opportunities for all departments to shine and flex their muscles as well as express their characters innermost thoughts and feelings regarding the new state of the universe.

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