USS Dauntless

Be Brave. Be Daring. Be... Dauntless!

A new view of the Final Frontier. The USS Dauntless is an Excelsior-Class vessel, refitted for service in the Galactic South, after a horrific attack by Orion pirates.  So much had to be repaired that she is now the testbed for research & development in the 11th Fleet.  With this knowledge in hand, her crew needs to be skilled and reliable, as their very home, the only support they have against the cold and dark, may change on the whim of the Starfleet Corps of Engineers.  Anything is possible, from simple upgrades to entirely new systems installed, with or without notice.

Her Commander, former Bajoran resistance member Kejal Buris, remains unsure of his readiness to command after that attack and his failure to defend the crew.  Starfleet is unsure of him as well, but he has enough friends and support (as well as a decent record of leadership) that he has so far kept his center seat.

The valiant crew has been assigned to support the ship and her captain in their mission to explore the unknown, both within the walls of the ship and outside in the depths of space. Individually they are heroes. Working together, they are invincible. This is their voyage. This is their story.

Now, you can join them and make it a part of your story.

Be Brave. Be Daring. Be... Dauntless!