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Stellar Flare

A Nova based RPG set in the Firefly Universe.

Stellar Flare - A Nova based RPG set in the Firefly Universe.

The Soldier: wronged by his brothers in arms and on a path of vengeance.

The Pilot: a keeper of secrets not meant for her, constantly looking over her shoulder.

The Mechanic: constantly on the move, hoping to live the life he wants and not the one that’s following him.

The Runaway: unassuming with an air of innocence, she is not what she seems.

When they boarded the Firefly-class transport known as the Jack Rabbit, they were met with scorn, contempt and an underlying threat. Working together, forming the foundations of friendship, they saved themselves from a terrible end.

Now they must look to the future, the paths they can take, the allies and the enemies they’ll make, whether they be good, bad or a little bit of both.

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