Starship Fawkes

Civilian freighter life in the Star Trek Universe

Whether it’s around a cup of raktajino in the mess hall or around a crackling campfire in the holodecks*, people have always been storytellers. Our stories are what make each and every one of us unique.

The Fawkes gives you a place to tell your story. Aboard a 100-year-old Groumall class Cardassian freighter, run by civilians that may have limited understanding of its systems. Have a character that left Starfleet, or never entered in the first place? The Fawkes can be a home for you.

If you want to really explore the depths of your character, free of the chains of command, then join us on the Starship Fawkes today!

No really...
We can really use your help...
There's passengers on board…
And they're looking really shifty...

Top Open positions:
- First Mate - Help me make this game a great success!
- Boatswain - The lord of the Deck Hands!
- Ship's Physician - Is there a doctor in the house?!

*there’s no holodecks available on the Fawkes, and the replicator can’t quite seem to get the raktajino recipe right, but everything else in this ad is absolutely true!

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