Star Wars ~ The Awakening

The Rebellion has begun

Star Wars ~ The Awakening - The Rebellion has begun

The rebellion has begun, it its raw elements the forces against the Empire started to form the early incarnations of what soon would be the Rebel Alliance. Set just a few years after episode 3, Revenge of the Sith, the title of this RPG reflects the storyline, the awakening of those forces at first independent to fight the oppression of the Emperor.

With several player factions such as the Rebel Alliance, the Imperials and Independents, there is so much scope for your OC to find excitement. Force sensitive characters will be restricted to certain conditions to be met in play; there is though no limit to what the creative can do beyond that.

Which side will you fight for? Does your character seek the Darkness or the Light. The Awakening is about to explode onto your screen.

Star Wars: The Awakening is a Forum RPG that is GM directed and character driven. It is currently set 5 years prior to the events of Episode IV "A New Hope" and Rogue One, and set up to allow for several different perspectives. The settings are intended to take on a new view of some familiar stories in the Canon environment while also creating new ones that the characters created by the players drive forward.
The place setting is a location known as the Tapani Sector, a locale that was created in Legends, previously the Expanded Universe, that offers a wide range of potential for stories of action, intrigue, and everything in between. Home to the massive shipyards of Fondor, a vital component to the Empire's war machine production, the Tapani Sector is split among eight noble "Houses", small royal dynasties with their own rules and customs and laced with webs of intrigue, deciet, and backroom deals that would not be amiss in the realms of some medieval and fantasy settings. Each of the playable factions have their goals in the region, as control of Fondor's industrial capacity would tip the scales of the Galactic Civil War.
The Rebel Alliance's Nova Division are a small band of fighters, left in a position where they are in a territory not yet ripe for rebellion and facing skeptisism from their superiors back at Yavin. Though the Rebellion could benefit greatly from controlling Fondor, the risks are high. And now the black sheep of the Alliance have learned of a potential game changing special weapon being created by the Empire in the Tapani Sector. They must discover what this weapon is and destroy it while also trying to find allies in the seemingly complacent population.
Created as an experiment of sorts, the Empire's Task Force 101 is intended to bring together the best soldiers from across the Empire's various branches to fight the Rebels with small precise strikes that they are accustomed to strike with. Elite SCAR Stormtroopers, Death Troopers and Storm Commandos are all brought together from across the Empire to keep traitors and rebels in check without upsetting the nobles. Whispers of not only rebels, but also of traitors within the Empire are circulating, and it's up to Task Force 101 to maintain Palpatine's rule.
A loose coalition of criminals from all across Tapani's underworld, the privateers intend to make their fame and fortune in the background of the chaos. Bounty hunters, smugglers, and pirates all brought together on the promise of the "big score", and their leader has an ambitious plan to carry out the biggest score of all, to rob the riches of all of the noble Houses. Even if they steal a fraction of it, the infamy alone would see them as heroes of the underworld.
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