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Welcome to Star Wars Odyssey, an international role-playing community for mature gaming enthusiasts and fans of the STAR WARS universe. Our RPG is a hybrid of West End Games D6 SWRPG and the D20 SW Role-Playing Game by Wizards of the Coast. We pride ourselves on our family-like atmosphere and easy-going camaraderie. Our door is always open to newcomers, both beginners, and veterans, alike!

The backstory of our Odyssey ... several years in the making.

The original setting for Star Wars Odyssey: Role Playing Game (SWORPG) took place shortly after Order 66 was declared by the former Chancellor of the Republic (and now its Emperor), Palpatine. When our story took off, the majority of our starting characters were on the Wookiee homeworld of Kashyyyk, where a fierce battle between the Wookies (with the help of the Grand Army of the Republic) and the attacking Separatist Forces (led by Count Dooku and supported by the massive droid army of the Trade Federation) was about to come to its ignoble end.

The characters were a handful of Jedi padawans, serving alongside their masters in the support of local military effort. When Order 66 was announced, all the Jedi masters (with the exception of Yoda), were killed. Although their padawans were slated to follow a similar fate, not all of them perished - in fact, some of them were off on scouting missions, alongside their Wookiee guides and trackers. For those young Jedi, it would ultimately mean the difference between life and death - as Clone troops began combing forests and settlements in search of any potential Jedi survivors.

Ultimately, the young Jedi would be captured but rather than being executed on the spot, they would be taken back to the Imperial outpost, for questioning prior to being shot. Palpatine wanted no loose ends and with Yoda still unaccounted for, it seemed a sensible option to pick the captives' brains as to the venerable Jedi's last known location. Either way, neither the enemy or the prisoners had any idea of what was coming for them - and when they finally did - it was rather too late.

A Venator-class cruiser "Resilient" was enroute to the Wookiee homeworld, intent on intercepting whatever Jedi were left on the planet surface. The crew was fully aware of Order 66 - but the ship was not coming to annihilate - they were coming to save the lives of those now labeled as traitors to the Republic. As far-fetched as the idea was - it was not impossible - for a Jedi.

Two Jedi generals (Master Dalen and Master Kabak) who served with the "Resilient" for many years, came on board the Venator-class battleship before Order 66 was announced and managed to 'convince' the captain and his first officer that following Order 66 would be an unpardonable crime and an affront to the ideals of peace and justice which they swore to uphold. It is very possible that the Force might have had something to do with them being as convincing as they ended up in the end - because the "Resilient" was now on her way with the Jedi on board, willing and able to back them up in a rescue mission that would render them all as renegade apostates for the duration of their natural lives.

In the confusion that took place during the ongoing battle, it was easy enough for rescue ships to swoop down and rescue a handful of Jedi padawans previously captured by Palpatine's troops. As the Venator-class vessel made its way into hyperspace, the rescued survivors held a moment of silence to take stock of all they had lost and all they had yet to gain.

The ship made its way to the Outer Rim, staying far away from the ever vigilant Imperial patrols. As their beloved Republic became the vile Galactic Empire, fleeing remnants of its fallen Jedi Order scrambled to reflect upon their bittersweet present and uncertain future. The two Masters who rescued them, Kabak and Dalen, would take up the training of those who wished to continue on as Jedi. Slowly but surely, the ship was vacated by all troops who did not wish to take part in the Jedi's flight into the unknown. In the meantime, the group would pick up others on their travels: a strong Wookiee, a resourceful Jenet, and a talented engineer who seemed to be in a terrible hurry as he ran away from fame and fortune. Their ranks swelled with space vagabonds. The "Resilient" was renamed to "Enduring Hope." In time, the Padawans became Jedi Knights - with years of experience as seasoned adventurers under their belts. And it seemed that, in spite of all their earlier losses - that the group would endure - avoiding the wrath of the Empire, forever.

But the latter was not to be.

The Empire's Outer Rim sector fleet finally caught up with the Heroes in space near the Agomar sector, in the vicinity of a planet by the same name. During an uneven battle, the "Enduring Hope" was lost, along with one of its bravest and youngest Jedi Knights - Serena Andyr Elysar. As the remnants of her troops fought on, the Venator-class cruiser burned and crumbled, unable to withstand the firepower unleashed by the enemy ships. But hope endured, in spite of the ship's untimely demise - and some crew that managed to abandon ship was saved by the most unlikely source of aid - another battleship that spearheaded its fleet and ultimately turned the tide of battle.

The ship was an Imperial Star Destroyer "Omega", led by its elusive commander, Muriel Y'ar. It was she who came to the aid of the "Hope", albeit too late - and the Omega Task Force managed to decimate the remainder of the Imperial ships even as they shielded oncoming refugee transports while they boarded the ISD II, the "Omega". It was there that Serena Elysar emitted her final breath and it was there that the survivors regrouped before moving on to seek refuge elsewhere in the Galaxy.

After the smoke and the tears settled and the remaining survivors were left to choose their new destiny, the majority left for the relative safety that only Hutt space could provide. Along with one of the Jedi masters, Corvus Arca Dalen - they settled on the shady world of Nar Shaddaa, where the Hapan Jedi resumed running his high-end club, the "Crimson Lights". Some survivors, like Marius Shae and Lana Star, decided to stay with him for safety reasons - while others, like Radiant Tide and Shorlofnik, took to the vast reaches of space - inconsolable after the passing of their beloved friend.

With everyone scattered across the Galaxy, it seemed that they would never come together again, and yet ...

It was a sudden communique from the "Omega" that stirred everyone to action. After years of silence and relative peace, a disturbing announcement was made: Shorlofnik was missing. His ship, the "Solaris" was discovered adrift in space, with no one on board. Muriel thought his friends would like to know - and she was not mistaken - one by one, the survivors of Agomar rallied to the Sith Lord's call. Eventually, they would launch their own investigation into the matter which was seen as highly suspicious - the few clues they found eventually leading the group to the Vagaari pirates and the Unknown Regions.

This is where our adventure carries on - in the abyss of the Galaxy's most obscure sectors of space - where our characters continue an urgent search for their Wookiee friend, guided by the enduring hope for his survival ... and the ubiquitous wisdom of the Living Force.

[Starting Era: 4 BBY]
To be continued...

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