Star Trek: Darkness Rising

Exploring the Gamma Quadrant with all of it's dangers.

Star Trek: Darkness Rising - Exploring the Gamma Quadrant with all of it's dangers.

Once dominated by the Dominion, the Gamma Quadrant was an area where freedom was unheard of. It is now a little over twelve years since the end of the Dominion War which resulted in the loss of millions of lives and served to brake the Dominion's tight stranglehold in the quadrant.

The Bajoran Wormhole had become the gateway to a drastically changing Gamma Quadrant. The rebuilding of the quadrant after the war has been long and costly, with a great deal of work still left to do. After the colonization of New Bajor thousands came from across the galaxy, each hoping to start a new life while carving out a new home in the 'wilderness'. Merchant trade between worlds was on the rise and traffic between the Alpha and Gamma quadrants had been rising exponentially each year.

In one moment however it all changed. Agents of the Consortium, a group of unknown origin, with the assistance of Starfleet traitors seized control of several ships, as well as Starbase 11, immediately fracturing Task Force 9, which had been charged with protecting and exploring the Gamma Quadrant, and leaving the Consortium in control of many Starfleet assets. Loyal Task Force 9 vessels attempted to fight back, however they were outnumbered and many faced attempted mutinies or sabotage aboard their ships. Those ships that weren't destroyed or captured withdrew and slowly began to regroup at a former Dominion Veayron Class Starbase which came to be known as Starbase Unity. The loyal ships and crews rallying around Starbase Unity have been labelled traitors by the Consortium.

Welcome to the adventures of the USS Valhalla an Valhalla class ship, part of Task Force Unity. Please join us as we push back against the Consortium, working to bring them down and return order and stability to the Quadrant. The Year is 2388 and chaos reigns after the Consortium coup. Come aboard today and explore the unknown, help counter the growing influence of the Consortium and confront a new alien threat.

Currently recruiting
  • Chief Intelligence Officer
  • Chief Flight Control Officer
  • Marine Platoon Leaders
  • Marine NCOs and Enlisted
  • Other Ships Crew

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